drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Time To Liberate Venezuela?

I am sure most americans have been following The Wonders Of Modern Piracy. Which, if we are to believe some reports, has doubled in 2004 over the level of dead merchant marines in 2003.

Ok, so Venezuela is not on the Indian Ocean, it is not near mombasa, kenya - lovely liberty port - but it is a country that could at any time fall into the hands of Satanic Al-Qaeda Gay HomoSexual Zombies saying "ARRRRG!" and as such must be prevented from turning into a nation that will be putting out Super Secret Iraqi Flying Saucer Supported Pirate Ships that say "ARRRG!"

Clearly now more than ever can americans aford to await a UN Security Counsel Resolution that would authorize the Liberation of Venezuela from falling into the Hands of Hardy ARRRG saying Sailors of High Seas DesperadoNeff? NO! Americans are at risk that Venezuela could become a more growing threat than it has ever been, and worst of All they might Hire Johnny Depp to Bring On The Full On Al-Qaeda Backed Pirates of the Carribean, With Gay HomoSexual Zombies!!!!

Therefore it is the DUTY of all Patriotic Americans to Support the President to Support the Troops who will protect us from the Venezuelan Threat! AND thus keep the american carribean free of Al-Qaeda Threats! Why the Venezuelans will greet us with Open Arms and Offer our Troops the Laurel and Hardy Handshake for protecting them, and offering them the wonders of a Free Republic that will be integrated into the Global Economy! And FINALLY safe from Gay HomoSexual Zombies that say "ARRRG"!!!!

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