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Prepping The September 11th Message

It is an interesting day when one set of the Evil Liberal Media is starting out with the new warm up of the New And Improved Corrected September 11th Message, the one that would have been the one that All Americans Had Always Held, if it had been the one that had first been put forward, and had been maintained for any amount of time.

Mean while we have the new and improved plameGate Story, SlateChristopherHitchen's Plame Out - where we are dealing with whether or not it was justifiable for a Government Puppet Toadies To BLOW the Cover of a CIA ASSET because the government did not like political dissent by the Asset's Spouse. Such a Macho Manly Male He Man Way of doing these sorts of things, if you ask me, where we go after the Asset not by the direct Mano-a-Mano message, but by going after their family.

But there is also the new and improved twist of fate here, where we learn that supposedlyh it was Richard "Dick" Armitage who is suppose to have started the spiral of Sliming that has been the fun of plameGate - because the Government and it's attack puppies did not have the moral fibre to attack the dissenter, and had to go after the Spouse....

Gosh, Golly, Gee Whiz. If we are suppose to believe that one more Dick was actually involved in the project - we are back to the question of whether or not this time around there will be a court case, a conviction, and the appropriate Public Execution Before A Firing Squad!!! As if this were some act of betrayal in a "time of war" - and not merely one more Dicking during the Duration of the Days....

Ah yes, I think we may well see the pattern developing here.

The important Message for the September 11th Memorial is that we are more than willing to go after anyone we decide is easy to go after so that it looks like we are doing something, even if it has nothing to do with the actual crimes, the real enemy, or any of that...

At least it will be a Dick Doing Something!!!!
Tags: plamegate, war

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