drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Should Rummy Be In A Twelve Step Program?

Once again SecDef Rumsfeld is prancing out his typical public denial game, and of course is projecting his self loathing onto others, whom he is again, blaming for all of the problems in the world....

Normally when we see these sorts of signs and symptoms, it is indicative of the Clear And Compelling need to have an intervention, and get the person into the appropriate 12 step programme. Maybe some sort of "Pre-Emptive Retaliatory Nuclear First Strike Anon" group can be formed for folks who have this socio-psychological disorder about when to insert troops into other countries.

Similarly it would be extra special if the folks around Rummy were to start working out if they have the sort of legal cover that they will need to avoid the minor questions of "unpremediated aggrevates warfare for no particular point". Since suddenly, and majikally, the whole War On TheyThemThoseTypes is some how mystically not the sort of thing that can be won by mere Massive Military Might Alone....

Oh Dear... How can the SecDef be so publically self loathing to assert that he is no longer able to accept his full backing of the Need For Massive Military Might, and Massive Military Might Alone....

Obviously Someone needs to Give Rummy a HUG and remind him that simply because he keeps needing to see more Dead, Maimed and Wounded American Troops so that he can get Wood, that this doesn't mean he is a Bad Person.

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