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Where Is The Joy Of Triumphalism....

Ok, so maybe I shouldn't be channelling digby's lovely rant where we find the quote:
This summer saw the rebirth of the Committee on the Present Danger--the third incarnation of a group first launched in the 1950s and restarted in the 1970s to promote a hard line against Soviet communism. Norman Podhoretz, one of the movement's leading thinkers, laments the darkening mood of "gloom and doom," in particular the "newborn pessimism among supporters" of the Iraq war. "Things have gone not badly, not disastrously, but triumphantly," he declared at the group's inaugural conference last month. The group posits that the United States now faces another existential threat and has dubbed the struggle "World War IV," the Cold War being World War III.
[ cf Conservative Crack-Up Watch ]
But when one put's it next to the little problem of
Matthews is continually asking "why did we go into Iraq" over and over again, and Taylor simply can't answer it. He's trying over and over again to link 9/11 and Al Qaeda and Iraq, and got sucked in to admitting that Al Qaeda is in Iraq right now because they made a decision to attack us there once we went in. Matthews then pounced on it, saying "well, if we didn't go in, they wouldn't be in there in the first place?
[ cf referenced in Bring It On ]
where Chris Mathews and Paul Hackett go after the only Iraqi War Vet running for a republican office is having a hard time remembering whether one should be truthful in any fashion when pretending....

So why aren't more americans excited about the Triumphalism!!! Clearly last month set a new all time record for the number of dead in Iraq, beating out even Saddam's Feeble Attempts to Irradicate Islamo-Fascists and their Fellow Travellors!!! Yes, yes, yes, I understand, these are tough time, and yes the American Military is still having troubles keeping the boot count correct, and yes, the VOCHAS are still hiding behind HanoiAnnie Coulter's Moist Panties, hoping that no one will call on them to go and Play in the Great Triumphalism of the Day!!!

And yes, gosh, now that the 'carrot' part of de-islamo-fashionIzing Iran has failed, and the question is out there openly about how well the coalition of the pro-what evers will be able to convert the current context into More Triumphalism as More Triumphs Are Triumphantly Triumphalized IN IRAN!!!

So Yes, it is going to Be Snakes On A Mother Fsking Iranian Flying Saucer!!!

And everyone of course will want to be A Part of the Glorious and Victorious Triumphalism....

Especially the Heir's To Karl Rove's War Record...
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