drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Where are the VOCHAS in The Holy Crusade???

Hum... there are moderates noting that the Conservatives are trying to distance themselves from the President. There are conservatives who are hoping that no one will notice that they are still taking it in the Rear With That Texas Long Neck Beer - while they chew up the evil liberals who are all advocating the so called "cut and run" strategy.....

But gosh kids, where ARE THE VOCHAS????

Here we are Five Years On in the Holy Crusade Against All Iranian Flying Saucers, and they are still hoping that no one is noticing that they are still in the Rear With The Beer!!!!

Why, after all of the political posturing about the need to secure the Syrian-Iran Plain, are we still not seeing all of the additional military facilities that would have been in full swing after three years of WWII, to provide the Boots that we are going to need for the March To Total Victory!!!!

Since clearly we can not afford that Israeli Style Cut And Run Strategy!!! Not as the world's last great nuclear armed super power, who has a prestige issue that it is still working out!!!!!

So where are the Troops!!!! The Hundreds Of Thousands Of Ground Troops it is going to take to occupy and re-educate Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, China, India, Pakistan, and ....

Or are the VOCHAS just secretly signalling the ENEMY that they are the Kapitulationists, and hope that no one will ever have confused them with ever having at any time supported TheTreeHuggerInChief's WACKY plan to restore the Wetlands in Iraq - because, well, gosh, no one ever thought that it was going to really change anything, or that the nation was actually at war, or that there was any real need for any of the military like stuff....

Gosh, Golly, Gee Whiz!!! Where Are The VOCHAS??? and which side of their mouth are they still standing on?
Tags: hcaifs, vochas, war

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