drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Can The IDF Bug Out On Lebanon???

Clearly given all of the rhetorical posturing of the Americans, any Cut And Run, that the IDF might do in Lebanon, even IF in full compliance with the UN Declaration would be, as they say, "A Total Victory For The Terrorists."

Yet as we know, as long as the IDF remain in Lebanon it is just one More Stab In The Back by the Israeli's as they call into question the American Mission Accomplished dance that was such the Disco Craze....

All of which leaves open the on going question - why ever did Israel ABANDON the Syrians, and decide to stop before totally destroying ever last person in Lebanon who was not on their side???? Can this be anything other than more of the same old Stab In The Back by the Israel as they Openly Offer Aid And Comfort To The Enemy In A Time when the americans are transferring their tax liability unto the Unborn, and as such must be really badder than any of the other things that they have done....

Or is there really one set of ideological tokens that the americans use when whining about their regime, and another when whining about other regimes, and there is no real need to work on a unified theory of politics, language, or even formal logic - since, well, there is all of that need for the War Stuff.....

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