drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

why does KenMehlman@gop.com Hate America?

Their Propoganda Piece starts out:
Yesterday, a Democrat-appointed judge in Detroit sided with the ACLU and ordered an immediate halt to the terrorist surveillance program. This decision is a reminder of what is at stake in 2006. Will we use every tool in our arsenal to respond to emerging threats, or embrace the Democrat-ACLU position that just made it harder for our intelligence agencies to detect terrorist plots inside the United States?
[ spam mail from our friends in the alledged GOP ]
Gosh, are things that bad that they hope lying to Vets will work?

Why are these NeoConCrud in the GOP so afraid of being honest about what is really going on???

More importantly Why DO they hate america?

Or are they really making that desperate appeal, hoping that americans will vote them out of office, and then start the long and tedious process of indicting and convicting them for their crimes???? Since that seems to be the only way that so many of them can get past their current additiction and issues....

Ah yes, what if the nation had actually been at war, and it had been their responsibility to actually support the troops by being actually honest about the actual issues... Rather than hoping that openly LYING TO AMERICANS was a work around.

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