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Why We MUST WIN the Anti-Zombie Operations!

One tankful of the latest craze in alternative energy could feed one person for a year, Lester Brown tells Fortune.

The growing myth that corn is a cure-all for our energy woes is leading us toward a potentially dangerous global fight for food. While crop-based ethanol -the latest craze in alternative energy - promises a guilt-free way to keep our gas tanks full, the reality is that overuse of our agricultural resources could have consequences even more drastic than, say, being deprived of our SUVs. It could leave much of the world hungry.

[ cf CnnMoney: Ethanol could leave the world hungry ]
The Time Is Now People!!!!

Are we going to allow potential Zombies, Overseas, and their Anti-American Eco-Terrorists Fellow Travellors Here, open the way to the Iranian Flying Saucers??? Or are Americans going to step up to the plate and Free The World from the clearly growing threat that the starving masses of the world COULD some day align themselves with the Zombies and The Iranian Flying Saucers!!!

Simply Because They HATE AMERICA!!!! and they Hate the American SUV!!!! That are required to help americans who are so pathetically out of shape feel safer while sitting around buring up fossil fuels in their 'commuts'!!!

Are we going to allow a Bunch of Ferrign Devils To DICTATE their failed pre-911 liberalism or are Americans going to sign up for the long and arduous march against the Potential Zombies!!! So that americans can BE American!!! All Fat, Dumb, and Happy!!!!!

Or Are YOU on the Side Of The Iranian Flying Saucers!!!!
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