drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

IDF To Purge California???

Hum... the US, in the wake of the Greatest Military Victory, EVER!!!! by the IDF, to remove Hezbollah, has moved forward with the effort to irradicate the Hamas Threat in the Palestinian Portions of Greater Israel. Or at least the US Government is jaw boning that Idea.

This should lead to the greater opportunity as IDF troops will be rented out to flush out known Democratic Strong Holds, and to make sure that Californians are no longer under the Terrorist Threat of Democrats, whom, as we all know, could well all be Zombies, and not merely the proto-zombie fellow travellors of the Iranian Flying Saucers.

Further Negotiation between Arnold, who has yet to actually star in any of the Classic Zombie Films, and The Great W, who had once wanted to be the Next Ronald Reagan, and the various Red Hollywood Elites continues, as how best to market the Purging of California, as a basis for a nation wide program of purges and protections!!!

There is some speculation that this is all just the FoxNews Pre-marketting campaign for the expected up and coming mid season Info-Tainment-News-Comedy-Sit-Com "Everyone Loves Hezbollah", and should not be confused with any of the governments previous efforts to impose a monopoly on the InfoTainment Industry.

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