drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

ReMilitarising Japan!!!

Bonzai! Bonzai!! Bonzai!!!

Clearly if we can get the New Japanese Army to help us out, we should be able to secure the troublesome portions of Korea, Manchuko, and restore peace to the Besieged International Compound in Shang Hai!!! This will clearly send the correct message to the weak and corrupt ones who are not willing to do their part to defeat all of the enemies of America!!!!

They will understand that they must support the American Way Of Life or our Holy Crusade Against Iranian Flying Saucers will oblige us to bring about our Transformer and ReAnimator Technology to begin the greatest of All Fully Upgraded Holy Crusades, EVER!!!!

Or is this really just more of the same old scam from Japan Inc. of sucking in the dim witted into america with the romantic tales from the glorious days of the Warring States Era - and all we get out of it is some new round of Anime Series, and some video games, and yet no effort on the part of Japan to bomb Canada back into submission to keep the world safe for Americans!!!

Where are our glorious military allies, if even the IDF is willing to tremble before the Sinister One World Blue Helmetted UNers and leave innocent blonde blue eyed white christian american virgin girls at risk to the growing threat of Iranian Flying Saucers....

Hum.... or could it just be that perchance there is a clear and compelling need for the world to get past the romantic notions of the wonder of glorious wars of conquests....

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