drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Prequel Pre-marketting Preview

Yestereday one more of my Whining, Snivelling, Korporate Flunky Boys was getting his titties in a ringer about the coming TSA security standards. Some how he really thinks that his personal duty to uphold his contractual obligations to his private sector employer is more important than simply leaving his Company Lap Top in an unlocked 'checked' baggage in the airport/airplane.

He is just starting to come to grips with the idea that the state has the authority to engage in body cavity searches every time that he crosses the international boundary. But he is just a tad bit concerned that this compliance with the TSA gambit would leave his employer's private and confidential information exposed to other players in the market, and that might include the government, and this might be both bad for corporate profitability, as well as his own personal corporate survival.

We will skip past the question of whether any civilian private sector entities can actually exist in the Current Holy Crusade Against All Iranian Flying Saucers - since that way could get us bogged down as to how much do people Love Their Government in a time of transferring the tax liabilities unto the unborn. And let's really focus on what we are really seeing here....

First off, people must recognize how Kevin Smith totally radicalizing the process by which films are marketted and more importantly pre-marketted. But this is just like way too radically over the top! This makes PoopShoot.com look like the mormon tabernacle choir's message board.

Obviously someone wants to DO the PreQuel to Johnny Mneomic since the original really did not leave open a lot of room for a reasonable sequel to carry the story forward. So we need to build out the basics on how and why Just Johnny becomes a 'data courier'. What is his motivation? What are the transitions in the culture and the government that help him find his way in the kinder and gentler world of Tomorrow; where the only safe way to get your data moved around, was INSIDE a meat sack with the right mix of technology.

But let us be honest here Happy Kampfr's - we ARE talking about how this whole TSA stunt has the look and SMELL, yes, that Smell of a "Jay And Silent Bob" Film.... And of all the freaks in the free world, who would have the awesome power and keen insight to build up the ground swell from the netroots, right on the victory of Lamont over Lieberman, to start getting the word out that there is now going to be a Real
Jay And Silent Bob Prequel Just Johnny Mneomic!
film that must so clearly be in the mix!!!!

I mean americans can not really believe that the TSA is doing their Jay And Silent Bob impersonations here for free, and merely because they hired their command staff from Mooby's??? I mean things really can not be that horribly stale in the good old USofA that we are having this lame, lame, lame, lame-o-fest because folks really believe this will make anyone safer.

I mean that is way too stoner an idea to even contemplate.

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