drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

More Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppet Cover Ups!

Oh sure, make it sound cool that the Brits were doing some legal stuff, like criminal investigations, that turn up a criminal conspiracy to commit crimes against the USofA - and that this has sent the TSA off in a tizzy about how any liquids on a Plane could cause Snakes!!!!
On the bright side, this could lead to new break throughs in Dehydration Technology, as the TSA requires that all of one's Precious Bodily Fluids be specially containerized in special parts of the plane, while one's Fluid Free Substance can sit in the Main Cabin, without any of those Nasty Threats To Life Limb, and our american way of life.
But that would make it seem like as if the brits had a leg up on the crime fighting stuff.

But think about that for a moment folks. If the Brits are dealing with this as a crime fighting thing, then gosh, they are being MORE ANTI AMERICAN than ever before and clearly opposing the War Winning Strategy of having More War Than Ever Before!!! Which should make it even morer painfully clear that once again BRITAIN HAS FALLEN TO THE ANTI-WAR TYPES!!! That this is all just more of the same old failed pre-911 mindset!!! Where Evil Liberals opposed Bombing Canada on the mere weakling deafists propoganda point that at the time there was no cleaer or obviouser excuse for why Canadianists were the leading cause of Gay HomoZeXual Zombie Al-Qaeda Trained Cyborg Pirate Canadianist!!! And that some how we should bomb them as the only way to keep america Zombie Free!!!

Why oh why are the Evil Liberal Media Meap Puppets So Easily drawn in by these clearly anti-american, anti-military, anti-war propoganda pieces that were probably all fostered by Hizbollah and the TellieTubbies...

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