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Why We Must Win Against China!!!

Retailers have a new, and unexpected, Grinch to worry about this Christmas: a Chinese labor crunch.

Make that a cheap labor crunch. The migrant workers that typically man China's low-cost factories are drifting away. And it has some of the North American businesses that use those facilities - makers of toys, clothes, shoes and electronics - worried.

"The fourth-quarter demand is higher than anticipated so we have to ramp up holiday production," said Harold Chizick, spokesman with Ontario-based toymaker Spin Master. "But because of the labor issue in China, it could be difficult to increase production [of some products] the further we get into the holiday season."

Toys are particularly at risk, since China accounts for more than 90 percent of the world's toy production. But other industries have substantial risks too; China accounts for 53 percent of global footwear production and 50 percent of total apparel production. China also accounts for 16 percent of total global exports of consumer electronics. The numbers are from trade groups for the industries.
"U.S. companies have already started to shift some production away from China to Vietnam," said Nate Herman, director of international trade at the American Apparel and Footwear Association.

[ cf CnnMoney: China labor pains and holiday woes ]
Can there be any DOUBT that we must win this WAR!!!

Can America AFFORD the Growing Risk that as China allows Labor Unrest that they allow the growing threat that the Communists in Both North Korea, and the Maoist Guerrillas in Nepal, will sweep in and Destory ANY CHANCE innocent white christian blonde blue eyed virgin children will know the joys of Christmas!!!! And if the Communist Come, can there be any doubt that they will bring those Iranian Flying Saucers with them??? Does anyone even doubt that!!! After All that we in america have already seen and suffered through!!!

I say that we can no longer leave these Critical And Crucial Events in the hands of the Civilians, and their failed civilian policies!!! And that only by direct military action can Americans Ever Again Feel SAFE about their Christmas purchases!!!

The Only HOPE is Total Victory!!!! Or Santa CLAUSE is going to be very, very, very Cross!!!
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