drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

why not Given Artistic License A Try???

What if someone put up the berlin wall, not because someone "thought that cold was the wrong temp for war", but because they really got it that the previous walls suffered the limitation and defect that they did not allow the Artists In Sooner!!! Whether we are talking the Great Wall Of China, Hadrian's Wall, or the Maginot Line - they were suppose to be the great defensive save the world from the Iranian Flying Saucers, but all of them would ultimately get stuck on someone's "National Trust" list.....

So why not run up the Wall, bring on the Artists, do the art bit, and then bring it all down to accept the reality that in the Age of Nuclear Weapons, it was far more practical back the Artistic License than to take seriously the Myth that any of the cooler moderner defense systems were going to do any of what they were suppose to do....

I wonder this, as the average american tax payer may not have thought through the cost of their cowardice as they demand that the Federal Government build up all of these HyperSuperDuperDoubleExtraSpecial War Winning V-Veapons - at totally ridiculous costs, that are not going to work, and are no more likely to prevent the 3rd attack on the WTC than any of the stuff prevented the 2nd Attack on the WTC.

So Maybe NOW it is time for the Fiscally Conservative Side to step up to the plate and remind them about what real courage is REALLY all about!!!! That once upon a time Republicans were not afraid to say, 'not a nickle more for defense than is needed'. Which in this case would, well, gosh, golly Gee Whiz, sorta undermine all of the Excesses and Follies, and boondoggles being done on behalf of the Kommisarrriate of State Security, and the religious desire to transition the american armed forces out of being in any way a "citizen's army", and into that kinder, gentler, and simpler land where they are merely paid mercs....

So if we want to go to the Paid Merc Model of the Republican Imperial Guard Units, why not take the cost OFF the back of the tax payers???

Why not learn something from the over 100 years of technological miss-match that has been modern warfare???

Why gosh, then the VOCHAS would feel safer knowing that there really was not need to actually join the military, merely because they were so ill versed that they did not understand that the Age Of Glorious Warfare was over....

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