drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Oh The Collapse Of Civilization....

Sunday I was over at my favorite brewMeister, while he was considering the growing threat of his Belique-ophilian ways, considering doing this really Fuggly Brew.... made all the worse with the misdirection from Making Light, Your Source for “Total Eclipse of the Heart” Blogging where he was having this open issue with the full on Decay into the abyss of a Teen Titan remix of that 80's classic.

And then the scary parts started. You will of course want to deal with HURRA TORPEDO total eclipse of the heart (J.Steinman) (a Google Nightmare Video) that explains, without any other need, that one MUST bomb Canada to stop the Norwegians from making fun of us.... or someone....

Ok, so when we got to the YouTube: [AMV] InuYasha - Total Eclipse Of The Heart one really did need to think again about the growing threat of WerPidgeons, and other main force assaults leaking out of the 80's - the Glory Days! The Halcyon Times of RayGunIsm - as the technological advancement of society failed with the rise of things like YouTube where folks can Rip 'eM and Grip 'eM as the new Meme Assaults go wandering around the planet without any regard to the Globally Pressing Need to win against Those Darn Iranian Flying Saucers!!!

Maybe now we can just dispense with literacy and move along on down the happy trail to the happy places...
Tags: futurism

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