drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

What DO the Media Meat Puppets Mean???

Help me out here happy Kampfr's but some how Iraq is having some sort of, well, relapse, or fall back, or back sliding, or something that is suppose to amount to "rapidly deteriorating situation" ( to use Monsters And Critics" really cool turn of a phrase. )

Call me old fashion, but if something is in a state of change, shouldn't there be some form of observable difference from it's prior state?

If such a change is 'rapid' shouldn't it be differentiable over relatively short sequences of time, rather than counting in say DECADES, CENTURIES AND MILLLENIUM!!!

I mean how is the current re-implementation of the Vietnamese Policy towards inserting of re-inserting NVA troops into Kampuchea to bring about the Pacification of the Country Side and Total Victory over the Pol Pot Dead Enders, well, any different than the last time around when we noted that we were so not going to be surprised at the fact the DOD would keep on fudging the numbers because, well, gosh, golly, gee whiz, if we allow one of the Domino's to fall then the Moors will rush through Spain and Destory Christendom, while the Turks will lay siege to Vienna, all all will be gloom and doom and despair for as far as the eye can see....

So why can't the Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppets get back on the Main Page???

You know posting the Glorious New News that once again fewer folks have been detained for war crimes in the process of restoring the wetlands to Iraq, in the on going Holy Crusade Against Iranian Flying Saucers and with the current policy of staying the course, it will stay this way into the far foreseeeable future, because there is no need to merely cut and run, as no one has yet resolved how to allow Iraq any form of an industrial infrastrcture, since such would mean allowing "dual use Technology" back into Iraq!!!

You Know what we MEAN!!! We sent American Troops to RESTORE the Iraqi Wetlands because it was Highly Possible that Iraq really HAD those "dual use Technology" and could, at any moment, use them to do REALLY BAD THINGS!!!

For those of you who may recall Aluminum Foil is a well known house hold Dual Use Technology. Most people use it to wrap things up to put in the refrigerators. Some use them to make cute little tents so that they can put food under the tent and cook in a more open and romantic sort of Kampy Way.... BUT WE ALL KNOW THE REAL EVIL AND SINISTER REASON THAT PEOPLE OWN ALUMINIUM FOIL!!!!

They use it to construct those very SPECIAL HELMETS!!!!! which they lie to the Evil Liberal, and gullible, Media Meat Puppets, about how these special Helmets will protect them from the Iranian Flying Saucers!!! And the Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppets are that DUMB that they really believe that silly story!!!! When everyone KNOWS that the Iraqi's were using them to consentrate their Mind Control Rays over the Evil Gay HomoZeXual Zombie Satanic Cyborg Pirate Canadianist Pilots of the Iranian Flying Saucers!!!!

So can we really allow the American Women and Children to be left at RISK!!! Knowing that some where in Iraq at this very moment there is someone with a Roll Of ALUMINIUM FOIL and that they are conspiring with the Evil Doing Evil Doers!!! Why Isn't the Evil Liberal Media Covering these Really Important And Pressing Issues about why now, more than EVER!!! americans must stay the course or those Iranian Flying Saucers will return!!!
Tags: hcaifs, war, zombies

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