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Why Is the Evil Liberal Media So Lame...

Hezbollah's sophisticated anti-tank missiles are perhaps the guerrilla group's deadliest weapon in Lebanon fighting, with their ability to pierce Israel's most advanced tanks.

Experts say this is further evidence that Israel is facing a well-equipped army in this war, not a ragtag militia.

Hezbollah has fired Russian-made Metis-M anti-tank missiles and owns European-made Milan missiles, the army confirmed on Friday.

In the last two days alone, these missiles have killed seven soldiers and damaged three Israeli-made Merkava tanks — mountains of steel that are vaunted as symbols of Israel's military might, the army said. Israeli media say most of the 44 soldiers killed in four weeks of fighting were hit by anti-tank missiles.

"They (Hezbollah guerrillas) have some of the most advanced anti-tank missiles in the world," said Yossi Kuperwasser, a senior military intelligence officer who retired earlier this summer.

"This is not a militia, it's an infantry brigade with all the support units," Kuperwasser said.
Israel contends that Hezbollah gets almost all of its weaponry from Syria and by extension Iran, including its anti-tank missiles.

That's why cutting off the supply chain is essential — and why fighting Hezbollah after it has spent six years building up its arsenal is proving so painful to Israel, officials say.

[ cf YahooNews: Missiles neutralizing Israeli tanks ]
Like as IF Patriotic Americans would buy that Lame Story!!!

I mean why not go with the Iranian Flying Saucer Angle!!! It's been the winningest explanation to date as to why the USofA is engaged in restoring the Wetlands in Iraq - rather than actually liberating more of Leba Iraqn - and that this is of course why the US should be involved in protecting Israel from the Vicious And Brutal Iranian Flying Saucers!!!

Or there could have been that whole Zombie Bomber Motif that could have been the hot hit!!! Hence explaining why this really is all a part of the International Zionists Anti-Zombie Konspirakii, since, well, gosh, do americans really hate Zombies enough to want to send in actual american troops, rather than say some rentals, to do an American Anti-Zombie Operation!!!

Then to have this "Yossi Kuperwasser", clearly a race traitor, admit that Hezbollah Military Units are Military Units... I mean what is with that???

Someone has SOOO got to get that Evil Liberal Media MeatPuppetry back on the main page, AND beating the Drums For War, that will force the President, ever a man of peace, to step forward and support a new and improved UN Initiative to Prevent Iran from Exporting Flying Saucer, or Zombie Technology, to places where there are things that we would not want them to be doing that there.

Then when the UN fails to back up the Radical Left Wing Liberal Media MeatPuppety Clamourring for a Blood Bath And Slaughter, the president, ever a man of peace, could step forward and install a regime of restoring the wetlands to Iran and everything would be ever more wonderful than ever before!!! Since of Course the iranian people would greet us with garlands as liberators, and the people who drove out the Flying Saucers and Zombies, and gave them all tract suburban homes, shoping malls, a global economy and Substance D.
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