drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

What Next???

Three federal judges on Friday reunited a south Texas county into one congressional district under a Supreme Court-ordered map revision, a move that solidified Hispanic voting strength and made one Republican incumbent's re-election campaign more difficult.

Several districts were affected by the plan, but no House incumbent was bumped into another district. The judges emphasized that they made the minimal changes possible to fix the violations ordered by the Supreme Court.

[ cf GOP Hurt by Redrawn Texas District ]
What Next One Has To Shout!!!

Are those Black Robed Tyrants going to Prevent Americans from having their choices made for them by their social superiors!!!!

I mean what IS the point of being a member of the White Christian Male Elite if one has to go hat in hand to the voters to get enough of them to support the installation of the One True And Only Divine Governmennt!!!! Rather than simply installing them, you know, like hood orenaments, so that everyone KNOWS that one has the Divine Will!!!

Where IS america going today???

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