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In the Holy Wars Of Journalists....

Hum, let us start with say,
Five days after Israeli airstrikes demolished a building where dozens of people had taken shelter in the town of Qana, human rights investigators and medical authorities have confirmed 28 deaths, well below the official toll of 54.

A doctor at the government hospital in Tyre, where the bodies were being kept, said Thursday that there were 28 in the morgue, but that 13 people thought to have been in the basement of the building when it was bombed were listed as missing.
The Israeli military concluded its inquiry into the Qana killings Thursday and said its forces were unaware that there were civilians in the building.

"Had the information indicated that civilians were present … the attack would not have been carried out," the military said in a written statement.

Investigators for Human Rights Watch said they discovered the apparent discrepancy in the death toll after interviewing witnesses, emergency workers and hospital officials.

[ cf LaTimes: Officials Say 28 Died in Qana, Not 54 ]
Mean while over at News Busters, one of the valiant Fighting 101st Keyboardists we find
If the Israeli "massacre" at Qana turns out to be yet another fraud, you can count on the media to quietly let the story slip away, a contrast from the media fireworks that were present when the story was announced. A simple "we were wrong" is is much more embarrassing than hoping everyone will forget the original hype.
[ cf A Closer Look at Qana ]
Which almost sounds concerned, but...

Why do even these so called "liberal media busters" avoid the central concern here - namely the right of Israel to repeat it's previous Ethnic Cleansing Operations in Lebanon!!!

On the heels of yesterday's "One Domino Falling" Kvetch by Rummy,
It’s been obvious for years that Donald Rumsfeld is in denial of reality, but the defense secretary now also seems stuck in a time warp. You could practically hear the dominoes falling as he told the Senate Armed Services Committee yesterday that it was dangerous for Americans to even talk about how to end the war in Iraq.

“If we left Iraq prematurely,” he said, “the enemy would tell us to leave Afghanistan and then withdraw from the Middle East. And if we left the Middle East, they’d order us and all those who don’t share their militant ideology to leave what they call the occupied Muslim lands from Spain to the Philippines.” And finally, he intoned, America will be forced “to make a stand nearer home.”

No one in charge of American foreign affairs has talked like that in decades. After Vietnam, of course, the communist empire did not swarm all over Asia as predicted; it tottered and collapsed. And the new “enemy” that Mr. Rumsfeld is worried about is not a worldwide conspiracy but a collection of disparate political and religious groups, now united mainly by American action in Iraq.

[ cf AmPravda: The Sound of One Domino Falling ]
Some Americans are willing to follow their ideological meanderings to their Ideologically Purist Ends...

With the on going population explosion, and the growing threat that countries like India and China and their consumption of global resources are eating into the American Way Of Life, clearly americans MUST support the ISRAELI divine right of ethnic cleansing, so that when it is our turn to weed out the persons who would like to live the extravagent life style, as seen on TV, the world will no longer doubt that there is a God Given Divine Right to slaughter anyone who has embarked in Social Climbing Of Any KIND!!!

The days of thinking that every Life Is Sacred has come and left!!!!

There are enough left over lay abouts that one can hire them for the prices of A Happy Meal, and the promise of their 70 Olives in the After Life, and Presto Chango they are willing to become a Human Guided Bomb!!!

Can america wait while the Indo-Chinese Come Rampaging out onto the rest of the Planet??? Taking After Our White Women????

Think of the Innocent Blonde Haired White Virgian Christian Girls!!!!!

I think NOT!!! So now more than ever!!! it is time to done the cashmere sweaters, the pleated skirts, the pom-poms and saddle shoes and Cheer For The Team!!!

One day it is an Accidental Destruction of a UN Site, the next day it is an accidental killing of some Civilians, who knows, tomorrrow things may be more organized as they Go In For The Win!!!

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