drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Is PA Still a part of the USofA???

First off there is the growing comedy that the GOP are so desperate in PA, to save Rick Santorum, et al, that they have been the sole source of funding of the Green Party Candidates running In PA!!! I am still suppose to believe that the Greens Are Legit.

Meanwhile there is the usual sort of Smear going on against Murtha - Opponent: Murtha wrong on Haditha, implied he'd take bribes WOW!!! one has got to love these folks... this whole, wait until there are mushroom clouds forming to go with whether it is time to deal with the various failed nation states of the world... like, well, Damn... Is PA still a part of the USofA? Or is that the really scary part here boys and girls!!!!

That the USofA IS such a failed nation state that even the provincial back waters like PA are retreating into the moral cesspool of meaninglesness....

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