drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why are They Persecuting Christians...

Clearly it has to be the massive monolithic evil liberal conspiracy that keeps asking the Federal Courts to help out in that little problem down in texas, where simply because Tom DeLay is never too sure which sort of Hillary Clinton he really wants to be, whether this should mean that he should be allowed to run for congress in one or more state!!!

Clearly this Persecution of Christianity, by trying to get Tom DeLay, and the GOP's In Texas, to work out why it is that one day the Divine WILL OF GOD demands that the Hammer be returned from Texas, and then, it is that he must be returned from virginia, so that some new Divinely Decided Upon can run from the Great State Of Texas and Protect Americans from the God Haters and America Bashers, like Tom DeLay, who can not recall specifically which type of Hillalry Clinton they wanted to be!!!

This of course is clearly NOT the sort of matter that should be dealt with in the Mere Secular Courts!!! But should be bound over to the Canon Courts to have the true divination of the One True And ONLY American Christian God decide which is the Divine Will; as detailed in the Argument From Intelligent Design!!!! I Mean we do not want Texas to become the next Kansas as the Hot Bed OF RADICAL LEFT WING EXTREMISTS WHO HATE GOD!!!

Now do we?
Tags: religion, war

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