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The government of Israel appears to suffer from the same mental and moral dysfunctions that afflict the Bush administration: an urge to wage war without any plausible objectives, any viable plan for disengagement, or any rational assessment of costs and benefits. Israel's second invasion of Lebanon, only weeks old and with considerably more justification, is already beginning to resemble the American invasion of Iraq.

Just as American policymakers badly miscalculated what would be required to occupy and stabilize Iraq after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, so Israel appears to have underestimated what kind of resistance its forces would encounter in driving Hezbollah from southern Lebanon. The Americans failed to anticipate the ruinous effects of the occupation on our international reputation and national interest. The Israelis somehow failed to recall the terrible stain on their national image left by their last incursion.

There is no American strategy for the Middle East. There is only crisis management, performed incompetently, and slogans about "democracy" and "evil." From somewhere inside this intellectual vacuum, the voice of President George W. Bush assures us that things are getting better in Iraq.

No wonder they call them Yahoo's!!!

There is a very obvious and clear strategy!!! It is the center piece of the Holy Crusade Against All Iranian Flying Saucers based upon the eternal sunshine of the ever optomistic Anti-Zombie Operations that will ultimately deprive the Iranians Flying Saucers of the Satanic Gay HomoZeXual Al-Qaeda Trained Zombie Cyborg Canadianists Pirate Pilots!!! Thus leaving the world safe for Technology!!! Like X Industries was suppose to be doing before it became apparent that they were clearly alligned with the evil doing evil doers!!!! Who Are Evil, And Doing!! And ERS!!!

I mean how much clearerer a strategic policy is there???

I mean who needs to know more!!!

And why now, more than ever we Must Bomb Canada!!!
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