drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why Ask For Spider Jerusalem?

In response to entry Wither art thou, Spider Jerusalem?.

I will confess that I had to google Spider Jerusalem....

The central part of the problem remains the left over unresolved issues form the vietnam era. So many of the folks in the current administration are so fearful that they will be held accountable for having ducked out on that one, back when they could have been doing their own dirty work, that they are so fearful of being found to be 'soft on Whatever'.

A central part of the problem remains the GUILT the NeoConClownCarCrew has to deal with everyday. Those old enough to have dodged the vietnam era spent so much time openly supporting saddam's war with Iran - so that they could dodge out of having to actually go to war with Iran once Reagan came to power. Since, well, gosh, it was not like anyone wanted to blame Reagan for not going to war... But now they have to cope with their guilt about having spent so many billions and recieved little more than Body Bags as actual return on their investment.

So they of course want to be 'horrified' that during Saddam's counter-insurgency he killed women and children in the free fire zones.... but of course we don't like to talk about it that way, why gosh that would mean dealing with the current american policy of 'killing suspected terrorists strongholds' - rather than being open about the 'collateral damage' problem...

Clearly after years of condemning everyone else around them, they have heaped up such a level of guilt, by not being able to live up to their own standards! Especially as they have had to jerk one way, and then the next, as the political expediencies demand, that they are just simply driving themselves crazy.

What we need are americans willing to grow some stones and openly offer aid and comfort to these Victims of ChickenHawk Angst. People who will help them get over their fears, and learn to cope with their guilt in some constructive manner. Who knows, some day these Victims of ChickenHawk Angst will be able to accept that they too are human beings!

Without that ability for them to embrace their own humanity, they will never be able to find any way to be morally offended by dehumanizing people.


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