drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

What IS the Matter With Kansas?

Yes, I understand that to God Hating America Bashers like the New York Time, the Radical EXTREMISTS RAMPAGING OUT OF CONTROL in kansas are what they would call 'moderates'
Kansas voters on Tuesday handed power back to moderates on the State Board of Education, setting the stage for a return of science teaching that broadly accepts the theory of evolution, according to preliminary election results.
[ cf AmPravda: Evolution Opponents Lose Kansas Board Majority ]
But those are clearly NOT Moderates anywhere else in the world!!!

Who knows, maybe the actual Mel Gibson, and not the Animatronic Mel Gibson who has been the Appeaser Kapitulationists
{ attempting to embarrass the Americans by acting as if some how Majikally the IDF is really cooler than American Miltary Fighting Forces!!! Since everyone knows that american military forces would have defeated both Syrian And Iran, Syrian, by now, were it not for the violent protesting by radical anti-american anti-military types who are not willing to do their part to Advance The Divine Will Of The Holy Crusade Against All Iranian Flying Saucers EVERYWHERE!!! }
really understood the TRUE DANGER of the Media Meat Puppets Following Smack Gobbed after the Invasion of Lebanon Story, when here in America The Dangerous Radical Left Wing Anti-American Military, Anti-American Culture, God Hating Heathen Idolatory are at this very instance turning Kansas into a Vast Wasteland of Radical Leftist Extremists who will all burn in the Sulphorous Burning Pits of the Deepest Levels of Gehenna because they not only Oppose The Argument From Intelligent Design, but have Openly Offered Aid And Comfort to the Enemy by acting out against the Greatist Military Leader EVER! With the failure to Accept that the Great Decider has Decided Upon Our Decider who will always be THE DECIDER For Life as God Has Mandated IT!!!

Can America Survive These VICIOUS AND BRUTAL ATTACKS ON OUR MOST HOLY LAND by Radical Left Wing Extremists!!!

What IS the Matter With Kansas!!!

Do they want the Dark Days of The Evil Iranian Flying Saucers to return????
Tags: hcaifs, war

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