drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why We Must Stop The Media Meat Puppets!!!

Originally when i was cycling this morning the idea was to crank on my favorite Indie Film Maker, who, while having a lovely story, has, well, absolutely NO FREAKING CLUE about the state and nation of the "alternative intelligence and warfare community" - you know, the folks doing the whole "alternative life style" long before the FREAKING HIPPIES!!!! Because, well, there are these little technical issues in the script that lead to purely PEDANTIC QUESTIONS about 'why this year, not some other year, what is the context here????' so that one can answer the little technical questions about the state and Nature of the Internal Dialog and Dialectics that drives the Character.

Is this the 'lost love child' of "the dude" and Walter Sobchak hence resolving the deeper dialectical tension from that film with the current one????

Is this the 'lost love child' of HanoiAnnieCoulter and Michael Savage making the cosmos a little darker and assininely ironically self referentially refuting.

You Know, the Important Questions.

Then the EVIL LIBERAL MEDIA barfed up the twins - Murtha on lawsuit: 'I don't blame [Marine] for lashing out' where we learn that a Marine is blaming Murtha for reporting on what the DOD keeps moving closer to trial as just one more case of merely killing civilians. While here in the local news we have Blogger jailed by U.S. court where we learn that unless everyone is willing to be state's evidence, they will be doing time. Makes one just shocked!!!! Shocked that Journalists are not willing to be the Stringers Of State Security....

Ah yes, for those kinder, gentler, halcyon days of the Cold War when there were some Moral Standards about these things.

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