drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Is The IDF still a cost effective solution????

While our some what "British" Allies whine about the american use of the UK as forward weapons depot for the IDF, BBBC: US rejects weapon flight concerns, as they are not too sure why they should allow americans to use Prestwick Airport in Scottland as the transit gate for american weapons merchants running bombs to Israel!!!

All of which leads to the fundamental question as to whether or not it is still cost effective to rent the IDF to engage in the sorts of Anti-Zombie Operations that they have been conducting of late!!! Clearly american pilots would like to be able to kill UN officials, as well as unarmed civilians, as a part of the current Fun Fest, and would of course love to be able to do this in a way that tells the world that we have what it takes to reach out and flatten anyone's nation. So Everyone REALLY, REALLY, REALLY should want to Like US, or we may have to embark upon some Anti-Zombie Operations on Them until they do.

At which point the Americans could save themselves the cost and the problems of using the IDF as the go between!

You know, cut out the middleman....
Tags: hcaifs, war, zombies

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