drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Unholy Evil Liberal Media Moments!!!

I am just SHOCKED!!! Shocked! I tell you, to learn that the original Slaughtering of A Family on The Beach was not actually suppose to have been done by the Israeli's at all!!! That this was some sort of Black Flag Operation conducted by the other side to make it appear like the Israeli's had done it!!! Why I Am Just SHOCKED!!!

What I find even more Shocking is that the Christian Zionist were more than willing to support the IDF's divine right to create dead Vacationing Beach Goers, because, well, that is so Clearly The Will Of GOD! and all of that. But if this was a put up job, then were the Chrisitan Zionists any more on the same page with God about this as they have been about the need to re-occupy both Gaza and Lebanon, and all of the rest of the things that God Clearly Demands!!!!

Then there is that other side of the coin, complicating matters for the americans, namely what does one do when there are such naughty nations out there who will embark on war like operations based upon merely a media put up job!!! What Should Americans be doing about such ethically questionable behavior on the part of the EvilLiberalMedia when it stampede's nations into accidentally engaging in war like activities on faulty excuses!!!

Should the American Government Persecute the EvilLiberalMedia when it is such a Naughty! Naughty! Naughty!!!! Bad Evil Liberal Media!!!

Or should it just spank it's firm round little bottom and send it to bed with no porridge????
Tags: evilliberalmedia, war

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