drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Does the EU cause Zombies????

This is the most pressing question before all true patriotic americans today as the Total And Most Glorious of all Military Victories over the WTO was Gloriously Victorious Under the Direction of The Greatest Military Leader EVER!!! Clearly if the EU causes Zombies then there is absolutely no point in worrying about whether or not the EU will abandon it's Farm Subsidy Programmes, since clearly america has no other option left open to it, but to embark on a phased, and reasonable approach to restoring the Wet Lands in the European Union as a preliminary step towards Further Anti-Zombie Operations.

In related news the Trade Minister from Brazil has capitulated on the point of the Argument From Intelligent Design, and has opened unilateral trade talks with the United States Of America, as a part of it's efforts to show that it has never been near Zombies, nor does it have any plans to allow Zombies to get married. This may prevent the United States Of America from engaging in a policy of pre-emptive retaliatory nuclear first strikes, just to make sure that Brazil stays Zombie Free.

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