July 8th, 2011


What if we had to be a nation of laws

First off a h/t to a dear fiend, for Crackdown on herd-share farms over certification which is such a classical attack of the FeeMarketeers meets the LibertarianistaIsts and them meets that hope that some how the raw food is gonna save the problem.

The article says that this is not a matter of pasteurization, since 'raw milk' is legal in California. So we should in theory be allowed to skip over that part. I of course want to keep it as a flagged problem in the midst of all of this, since I remain very unconvinced that the cult of the raw is a gooder for the species in the long run. The first problem in that space is the problem of not getting real live natural diseases. This of course could be influenced by the fact that while I am worrying about a drug resistant strain of pneumonia in my lungs, I am ANNOYED that I am dealing with a drug resistant patient recovering not merely from the disease, but also from the drug regimen. So I have more than one dog in the fight about what is and what is not a sane working relationship with modern health, and the modern ways. I would so love to be all hippie, dippie, back to the land, but unfortunately that way leads to pain, agony and DEATH a whole lot sooner than I would prefer. So yes, technically that that of California is still as victimized by the left as the right about the war on science and the cult of the hip trip trendy.

It would of course be a wonderful day when we could clean all of this up, and have things simplified with a simple schism about those who support a national health programme under the national defense security stuff! Just one more State Security Operation designed to combatively tactically irradicatively respond to the global terrorism of the viro-sphere as to the memo-sphere as to the mundanely blowShitUppitan. But that is not going to be a simple those of Undefending White Christian America v. The Liberals any time soon.

Now do not get me wrong! I like the idea of co-ops, and herd-share would clearly be some trotskyite revisionist anti-industrialist regression against the True Stalinism if it were not for the fun and folly of the gamesPerKinShip of trying to do this for fun and profit! Or more accurately as a the on going problem of how can we turn the USofA into the People's Republic Of China where they are working their way between Imam's and Rabbai's to get some sort of Halal and Kosher in lieu of wasting the tax payers dollars on an Federal Health Inspection Programme! { ok, so I am worried here that the Red Hordes have not been willing to turn to some Radical Revivalist Protestant White Christian American Kult Kraze.... but could it be that the Chinese are in it for the long term, and not merely until the marketing spiel about the apocalypse arriving passes? Maybe if the Radical Right Wing Religous FruitUndtNutJobs were to make a commitment to the long term and not merely to the left behind series they too could be a cash cow in Red China's FeeMarket Society? }

I agree that the idea of an Animal-Co-Op is a good idea! If nothing else it is a great way for small farms to be able to stay in the game! It is a way for the Urban Centers to tie themselves to their agrarian green zones! But we might want to make sure that we do this in a lawful, and sustainable manner! It is not merely about supporting this seasons pet fetish! Once the news leaks out about the possible cash cow to be found in goat share cropping, as the new deregulated economy, how long will it be until the Enrons and Worldcoms are playing second fiddle to the shadow hedge funders in the majikal mystical world of co-opted-back-to-the-land....

Hum... So you want to have a plantation! Great Idea! can't afford it yet, well we may have a solution for you. We call it the share-croppers-plantation-land! The happy world where you need not own all of the players, merely enough of them to help bring in your cotton. So it is not really like you are a slave owner, it is that you are share cropping the slaves....

For those of you who want to say that such an idea is going way too far.... would this be a bad time to talk about the transition from the clinton era when you guys told me to trust you about the Glass-Steagal Act? And would it be a great time to talk about how only State Owned Enterprises (SOE) were allowed to have 'soft budgets', as opposed to the fail of the shadow banking industry.....

So before we start pretending that this is a problem of the massive retaliatory government..... maybe we should be working out what it is we as a democratic society would like to construct as the laws for our society! Who knows we could find ways to allow some folks State Owned Enterprise Grants to allow them to build up Herd-Co-Ops in a way that we find democratically supportable in a Federal Republic. You know, that idea of a land of laws and not of persons with bigger asset portfolios!