November 26th, 2010


What is the working economic theory now?

One of the scariest parts of The Instability of moderation is the apparent towel throwing by krugthulu. I say apparent, as I do not see him saying that we are actually out of working economic theories, merely that there is no pixie dust to spread on them that will make them both majikal and stable.

One of the unpleasant problems we face in the USofA today is that we do not really have a national currency, as it is working currently also as the global reserve currency. As such there is no simple return to the simple economic realism. The icelandic were able to do two things, one of which was leave the private investors to taking the haircut for their failed investments, and devaluing their currency. Unlike the Irish, who are currently facing the failure of their austerity measures that were not designed to solve the problem of taking on the debt of those bankers who invested frivolously in Ireland.

Unfortunately in ideological land, there is no longer a willingness to notice that the pop-cult faves of TeaTardia simply show that none of them can see reality from Sarah's Porch. Or are we suppose to now majikally buy into some new qool and hip instance of Alternative Economics, and that there really is some new qool and hip Comparative Alternative Integrative NumerologyLikeRelatedActivities which will provide some way to sound like we are talking about economics, but without getting bogged down in the unpleasant technical bits.

It is so clearly a tragedy that we have arrived at a place and time when the whole intent of the GOP is to be the party that keeps crashing government for no apparent reason. Other than their commitment to mere ideological purity. It was one thing to watch the Post-Marxianists work on the problems of how to get an actual marxianist system up and running, without the deviationalism into mere Stalinism or Maoism. The tragedy of the 2007 crash and burn, made all the more comical by Alan Greenspan's Oopsie, when he noted that in spite of his irrational expectation that some how those in the shadow banking sector were going to be motivated by the correct implementation of the majikal constraints. We have seen no effort on the part of the formerly pro-capitalists to address any of the complications of the melt down and recovery.

It is that Stunning Silence of the Right that worries me the most.

It is comical and amusing to listen to them whine about how, well, gosh, it was never like Capitalism had ever really been tried! Or that the real problem is the moral hazard raised by the existence of governments. But unfortunately they have merely underscored the nasty parts of Imperialism, the highest state of Capitalism by V.I.Lenin in which we deal with the failure of the small business culture to survive the rise of monopolistic tactics, and far worse when those monopolists capture the government.

Which of course gets a bit amusing listening to the Holy Crusade against Socialism. Which seems to be the new hip-hop post-rational marker for 'they, them, those, the darkies, and liberals, and gays, and rationalists!' -Oh Me! Oh My! people who would drag us back into that dark night of mere reasoning. I mean do any of these so called 'conservatives' have any idea what it is that they pretend they are conserving? Do they have any idea of how farcical their self loathing of the National Socialist Movement sounds to anyone who has even taken half a glance at the actual history? Oh yes, why of course the economic oligarchy of germany married to a military elite, convinced that they were still in control of their former 'spy' who had been sent into to do analysis of the NSDAP? boy, that sure sounds like obama to me. yup. Who can forget that he was the spy, at what, 3 or 4 years of age who penetrated that set of radical left wing groups back in the sixties. Uh hello! Put the BONG DOWN! Ok, so if he was born in 1961, then of course, at ten years of age, being a trained, combat hardened spy for the NSA, is clearly not without any doubt! For ops in 1971. Yeah, who can forget how back in the day the USMC was taking in 6 year olds for combat duty and shipping them off to vietnam, and....

Hey, why not?

If we are not willing to look at the actual economic data that occurs in this time line in the mere last ten years, why should we be so vicious, and redSocialistCommunistIslamoFascist and impose upon history for merely fourty or fifty years ago a standard of 'evidence based history' that might cause conflict with say fact based history?

So please, can we dispense with the "Churchill Is Hitler" mythos about how we map the non-existant past onto the current time line?

What if the truly UGLY part of the problem here is that we have the 'masters of the universe' and they are still in the same jobs, doing the same 'bust out'. { yes, I put quotes around that, as this is a new term for me, but kids these days? I mean what happened to traditional god given all american banking fraud? } Oh me, oh my! They have new names for the game, but it does not change the core underlying problem set.

Oh that is right, the TeaTardianista are no longer sure that they need to have a viable economic model. So they can run around chanting the slogans, "hands in the air with the other cunts..." - but that would mean they might want to followThe Police - Rehumanize Yourself... Or is that a core part of the problem we are looking at? Some have opted to be as vicious as if everyone around them were some sort of Nazi-Communist-Islamo-Cypto-THEM! Could it be that as victims of their evil liberal education, they never groked that Rules for Radicals was written by Saul Alinsky to be a community based solution space. NOT some sort of Drang nach Osten that would allow the draft bait to die fighting against the socialist menace, while they stayed home as the home guard. Whether interpreted through say Cold Mountain or The Bridge. Since, well, gosh kiddies, what if it was not all some sort of Militaristic ThingusOfPooh!

What if it was not about the War Stuff? What if it was about deciding if you were really going to WANT to know the difference between GlevalSnarkWeezelBark and GlevalSnarkWeezelBark securities. Since, well, clearly owning a senior tranche { I love the irony of word checkers, since, what is maybe some difference between a truncheon and a tranche? Should we be so unkind as to draw it out? } of the later means that one has the economic leverage and the almost as if it were cash, investment, that would be the new wave, or shall we be rude and say 'economic bubble'.

Look, I get it. It is really hard to understand that 'simple is not complex' is a very complex concept. Since it would require that one were able to differentiate 'simple is NOT notSimple' in a way that would allow one to make actual and real distinctions of merit.

Yes, I get it! The tragedy is that so many young americans were duped into voting for Obama, rather than?

Or is that a part of the scary moment for so many? That they can not recall that McCain had been the 'manchurian candidate' who ran against the radical left wing extremist 'Dubya' - back when folks were not aware that he would be bailing out the banks as some sort of red socialist? And therefore the true TeaTardianista was voting not for McCain, but for Sarah, because they believed that the True Believers would rise up and make Sarah the true Ruler?

But doesn't that myth lead us to the same place? That the assassin's bullet is the doctrine?

Oh dear me. That would mean that we are not really in a safe enough place to actually talk about actual economics, since we have not been able to secure enough 'liberated zones' for that economic model to even be able to be tried? No! Honest Injun, I can understand that. The notion of 'war economics' -- hey kids, you read your Bukharain, so of course you understand how this is something that must be done while the war is going on between... oopsie, the capitalist/imperialist ruling class, and the working class....

Oh dear, there clearly must be some sort of valid alternative to the HORROR of krugthulu?

Something that gives us all of that Big Hollywood Blockbuster War Film, and the economics that allows us to over look the HORRORS of red socialist Communist Hollywood's Kapra Korn of "Mr. Deeds goes to washington"?

Or is that really the dark fugally we will live with for the next two years -- as the Holy Guards of hiding in the rear, keep hoping that it will give them a chance at the big bucks, face off with the romantic organic types who are unwilling to criticize Obama for BLOWING IT!

As the UGLY compare and constrast moment here. Who can doubt the importance of Red Communist Disney film's Hate America Doggeral of Pollyana where Hate FeeDome himself persecuted americans with the myth that small town america was about more than the importance of defending the economic power elite? ( and you thot red communist disneyland was merely about it's Gay HomoZeXual Capital Gains taxes! ) OR is there more than one problem with the psuedo-cons and their craven support for the ruling elite? A craven support based upon their open willingness to abandon everything that once was the flower of americanism!

All f which leas us back to the dark question - what if there was a need for a valid economic model?

oh me, oh my, we are in which time of clinton again?

p1: efforts to appeal to 'a time of war' will work best IF you can establish how it is that one is to know that this is more a time of war, than well, under the Dubya, or Obama, or Clinton. Since simply citing that there are dead american military personnel is not going to help your argument. Since, oh that's right, the GodlessOnes blew up an american Naval Vessel while the HateFeeDome types were seeking articles of impeachment.

p2: given p1 above there is the problem of resolving IF we are merely at war with civilians. For our slow reader friends, while it may be popular amongst many of them to presume that since they have worked with the government, that they can therefore presume that they are in compliance with the uniformed code of military conduct, and therefore their kills are lawful and in compliance with the laws of land warfare, and/or, the laws of sea warfare. But unless one can actually establish that one is legally a member of the Uniformed Services of said government, well, one is merely the civilian contractor of said government, and, gosh, should not be an armed person in the combat zone.

p3: waving a gun at me does not validate your uniformed status, it merely establishes that IF this were a combat zone, then you could appeal to the Geneva Convention for due process under american law with regards to the detention of armed combatants in the combat zone. At that point, we of course arrive at the realpolitik that one will of course wish to make an appeal under miranda that one needs a competent legal defense, since, well, clearly, one has obviously disqualified one's self on the grounds of mental Stoopids.

p4: Being Ignorant is not a legal defense, no matter what level of STOOPID one present.

p5: be very careful about advocating that GreatLeader has majikal powers, unless of course you really did mean that President Obama is allowed to majikally turn you, and your family, for all six degrees of separation, into recycled cat food, because of course you have always supported the right of extrajudicial powers of the holder of the majikal invisibile imaginary standard of WhatEverItIsThatTeaTardiansWishesWasTheTrueThingusOfPooh!

p6: A person is a pirate when proven by a court of law.

p7: what part of 'proven by a court of law' was so complicated that you failed to comprehend it?

p8: if we were unclear about p7, review p4 and p5 above.

p9: remember that when advocating your mythos about the majikal power of the freeMarket, you really may not want to step on soft delicate primary gender identification organs with your big combat boots, cause, well, damn, that is sooooo gonna hurt. Especially as you wake up and notice that simply by corporatizing the killing of enemies of the state, this offers neither the protections of 'member in good standing of an armed force' nor the various nobilities of being one under obligation to the state, save that you share the same contractual obligation of all of the rest of the concubines and rent boys. Which may be useful if you believe in rush limbaugh as the true fount of all things american, but not if you have read the federalist papers.

p10: Pirating sucks. So yeah. So too does running an illegal combat operation, well, gosh, like every other warlord who has their sole claim to fame that the 'younger brother of jesus' has threatened the 'imperial flower' and thus they are looking for any way to put down the T'ai P'ing rebellion, even if that means allowing any form of warlordism loose in the provinces.

p11: which part of p10 was unclear to your godless unamericanista hate our white christian america?

ps: aaron, what can I say, I still find it funny that folks would like to pretend that a 'war on piracy' was in some way legally distinct from say a 'war on literacy'.

Ugly Thot Time

Hey kids, how many of your Combat Hardened War Veterans, you know, like your securities broker, or Rush Limbaugh, has opted to view The Instability of moderation as the clarion call that it is finally time to abandone all forms of moderation in favor of TOTAL LOYALTY to the great leader...

but, uh, you were not on the paid subscription list to know whom the new and improved great leader IS!

Don't get me wrong, many of us support the TeaTardian 'on the road' remake, The Road since to adopt any other position would mean supporting The HORROR of liberalist thingus of pooh....

You know, as if the enlightenment were some form of horrorFrying Liberalism that must be stopped!