April 17th, 2010


muddling near why we haven't met any aliens.

My evil friend ver offered me Why We Haven’t Met Any Aliens. What I find most useful for me in the article is concern about how much reasoning, experimentation, et al, are we abandoning as we play on the interGoogles?

Given that my lunch time, read a few more pages, book is The Science of Liberty I am as concerned with the decay in this new 'holy golden braid' of Democracy, Free Trade, Transparent Information by scientific inquiry. I am back to my usual ongoing quest for the holy grail of how epistemic issues will work out. Given the failures to date with Social Darwinism I get nervous around 'evolutionary pscyhology' and buzz about fitness cues.

I must confess that the reasonable argument for Fast food and pornography as the technical oopsie of following a shortest path algorithm to what Miller refers to as fake fitness cues - I always thot it was caused by the horror of Liberalism.... Granted, from a not quite scientific analysis, I have noticed I put on about 20lbs when decaying into the bourgiese sentimentality of a staid and settled living arrangement. But I blame that on actual cooking, and the growing national security threat of latent heterosexual tendencies.

Miller ends with the scary quip:
When they finally achieve contact, it will not be a meeting of novel-readers and game-players. It will be a meeting of dead-serious super-parents who congratulate each other on surviving not just the Bomb, but the Xbox.
Since he seems to not understand the importance of 'game theory' as a system in the species.

So here I am working on writing a blog entry about an four year old essay passed to me by verbal reference first, and then IM'd, and then after misplacing it, I had to webSearch to find it, so that I could reference it for those who like to read on their own. You know, the scary folks who are not just buying everything that the evil liberal media is selling them.

Oh dear, evil liberal housemate has embarked upon destroying the free world by noting that having an actual temp collector inside the oven, will show what the actual heat inside the oven is, so that one can resolve if the temp setting of the machine is actual, or, well, virtual. Thus leading to this terrorFrying theory that next week when baking actual real world friendship bread, that the ability to deal with transparent information over mere faithBased information will improve the quality of the baking process!!! Oh NO! where will we be if this process of godless:
Trust But Verify!
which is an old russian proverb, made popular by the head of Red Hollywood, were, oh dear a useful maxim that remains useful inspite of our transition to using keyboards as data input systems....

What if the scary part of our life is about dealing with those 'fake fitness cues' - both at the intellectual as well as the merely chemical reactant level? What if the scary part of the process remains the problem of sorting out But how do I verify this? as well as, oh dear, the ability to triage what is worth knowing...

But I also love that interesting episode in Babylon 5 where the scary thot is that there are those 'intelligent life forms' willing to send out probes to remove any of the threats that might arise from other forms of semi-intelligent life forms trying to crawl up the evolutionary trail. Why, that would be like saying that Dark Star, the movie, was a scary discussion about what happens when we are purging the universe of unstable elements.

How ever will we teach the next generation how to discuss reasonably with bomb 20, that there are great reasons to return to the bomb bay? Will everything that the next generation know about be limited to solely the 'been there, done that' pragmatic, unexplainable, experientialisms of the actual world?

Ah yes.... what if the scariest of scary parts remains the problem of what utility do we get from game theory? Even more scary as we work with even more computing power to play out the various options that can be dealt with?

What if the big challenge of the 21st century IS figuring out what do we do with what we think we know? And how we think we know it. As well as making a topology of the rest of the knowables? The ones we know we do not know, the things that we could know IF we took the time to know them, and that awkward set, the unknown unknowables....

Ah yes.... what if the same problem has been worked with more than once - what if it is time to ponder what we can learn from say Guns, Germs and steel or Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Survive, or any number of interesting and challenging projects. Issues in a space where knowing actual knowledge took precedence over trying to defeat the scary theyThemThoseGuys, and their retreats into anti-intellectualism!

Ah yes, how do we get the younger generation past the HORRORS of merely wanting to fool around with gender preference appropriate perkin, and gluttonously eat everything that is not nailed down.... I mean, it was not like that when I met my children's mother, why we were seriously committed to the Holy Crusade against the Evil Empire! No Seriously! We were very seriously committed to defeating the forces of darkness and evil.

It is my story, and I am sticking to it.