February 13th, 2010


Refinding our Forgotten Man.

The other day a friend posted about Homeless man reunited with his cat. He of course noted the purple heart tag on the guys hat. I of course am somewhat suspicious of fluff pieces. Some of us remember things like Meet John Doe as well as who can forget My Forgotten Man ( a you tube from the Gold Diggers of 1933 ) And for those who may not remember some of the context of that, then yes, please do read up on The Bonus Army - and feel free to deal with the whole wealth of cult information about that wonder time.

Where this discussion can and will get messy is the break down in the mythologies of 'the veterans community', the first round of problem occur with the so called 'vietnam war' - not the least of which was whether or not it was a 'war' or a 'police action' or more unpleasantly, a distraction. For those who forget, it was LBJ who would start playing games with the SSI as a part of 'balancing the budget', and we would end the 'vietnam era' with Nixon, the guy who brought the troops home, and took america out of the Breton Woods System and into the new day in america, where the dollar would float. Or sorta float, against currencies that would need to have dollars to buy Oil Contracts.

For those who remember the fights over issues like PTSD, we of course know that there clearly could never have been such a thing, because of course Ideology Told Us So. Which was also the reason that there should not have been a vietnam memorial, and then once established, there was the clear and compelling need to have a more appropriate memorial memorial so that it would not be merely the big black gash in the ground. Which fortunately lead to getting a Korean Era Memorial, and the WWII memorial and the....

So it is not at all surprising that we would arrive in those kinder gentler times where we have Ain't That America and Born In The USA because well, gosh, we were suppose to have been over that whole Post Vietname Syndrome. And who knows, maybe we were also past Flag Decal, and it maybe not getting us into heaven any more. Maybe we were not that concerned about Sam Stone - cause, well, do we really have to get into the problems of how them thar hippies were all failures BEFORE they joined the military.

Some will recall the fun of the nineties and how folks were all clear on how we could finally win the war in vietnam, and defeat all of the they them those guys, and how the Free Market had won the cold war. Which was such a marvelous world - right up to the arrival of 9/11 and the sudden wake up call that maybe the Free Market wasn't working quite as well as a national security programme, like it had, you know, against the Commie Rat Bastards. Maybe what we need is something more newer, more cooler, why not Britany Spears v. Metalica Enter ToxMan or should we support our more traditional models, like why not Beatles v. Guns and Roses - Sgt Pepper Lonely Heart Club Band Clearly some new and cooler Web 2.0 high tech thingie will be the new and improved majikal moment that will make it all cooler. I mean, didn't Blonde Door do the right thing?

Here we are, still stuck in the WhateverOnWhomever as if it were at least as important a thingus, well, as, those other important thingies. But is the nation really 'AtWar'? Or are we just in the coole new phase of playing at the mash up of social symbols, so that we have the part where we can have the cool 'support the vets' because, well, it sounds cool!

But this is also america, the land of the phoney vets, because, well vet status really revolves around supporting Rush on which ever policy position is the one that he had always supported. Rather than any mere factualist service to country. While at the same time, we are deploying military troops to protect contractors, because... because well not enough folks are actually a part of that military thing, because, well, they have much more important things to do than, well, take time out for those clearly less important things. ( would this be a bad time to remind folks about Operation Yellow Elephant ? Or maybe point out the problems with the on going confusion about what being pro-war is all about? Is it really gonna require national service time? )

Or would this be an equally inappropriate time to talk about the FDR financial community regulation that would put america on a sound economic recovery BEFORE WWII, and that it was not some majikal moment of having vets that made the underlying macro economics? But that way would take us into the unkind space, where, uh, some of the 'cult of veterans' game is more about hiding the actualities of the macro economics. But in an 'acceptable' way - a way in which folks are being 'patriotic'. So maybe we should not be talking about the fiscal follies of the last decade that have been shrouded in various 'pro-veteran' gambitting. Ironically at the very same time when we are suppose to believe that gosh, no one could have known that there would be stress on the VA/Military Heath System while the nation is at war. From gosh, the very same folks who are saying that they had no way of knowing that by removing the fiscal safety and accountability systems put in place before WWII, that there would be a fiscal collapse.

Why yes, if majikal things had been more majikal, then of course there would have been no problem.

So remind me again why it is that we need to drag out that whole 'support the veterans' game? Are they suppose to be the majikal talisman that we drag out, and wave, and everything is all better. Huggsy Wuggsy Feel All Betta! Sparklee Poney Time!

Or should we turn to the wonder of The Anti-Imperialist League and the Battle Against Empire where we learn that radical left wingers like Mark Twain opposed the Imperial America..... and, uh, now we are suppose to work that theme back into some form of conservativism, that would be at home with the likes of American Anti-Imperialist League an yes, and even more so, in our new imperial age, where it is ok to liberate nations, because, well, gosh they might some day become a threat.... And yes, I just love the irony that the USAF has taken over from the RAF to bomb waziristan for peace. Now I understand most folks forget whether or not the US military is the world policeman, or are we really living in the land where there is no law, and there is no need for no stinking badges. Since, well, if we have a military like unit do it, then, well....

All the while they keep skipping over the actual prosecutions for violations of the laws of land warfare. Clearly if there are convictions for the violations of the UCMJ we need to either opt in and say that they are convictions in a court of law for war crimes - or opt out and note that we are dealing with a system where those damn liberals and that law stuff.... and that we are so proud of the fact that the US military should be a law free zone where ever it goes!

Did I mention the anti-imperialist league and the old debate about whether american law came with the american flag???? Or should we just keep on cheering for the fact that as a nation we love to support torturing, because, well, golly, that is what Jack Bauer Does - and if it is good enough for fictional TV characters, then clearly that is the standard that the US military must live up to....

Oh me, oh my! Did I just point out what might be the core of the guilt motive for the cult of veterans? The fear that they might come and round up all of the civilians, because, well, once we allow them to be the law free zone, they can do what ever it is that they believed that the WarPrez gave them orders to do.

Here's a wild and crazy thot. What if we stop the cult of veterans? Or at least for the duration of the WhateverOnWhomever. Why we could even start sorting out how exactly we would know that we had in fact finished, and won the WhateverOnWhomever? You know, arrived at a time of 'not in the WhateverOnWhomever' where we need to placate the 'true veterans' - the ones who support the Limbiot Beckistanian policies on torture and murder of persons deemed killable.

What if we work on ending the need for a military industrial infotainment complex as a red socialist welfare state - because the pro-war wheenies want the NannyState to do for them that which they are not willing to do for themselves! What if we look at finding ways to solve the sorts of problems that need to be addressed, in ways that do not require the massive military infrastructure of no-bid contractors? What if we were to return to those kinder and gentler days when americans were willing to fight in the Abrahamn Lincoln Brigade against Fascist! NOT because they were welfare recipients, but because they were the entrepreneurs willing to follow their dream of Truth, Justice and the American way!

Yes, Yes, Yes. I understand, all of that left over and unresolved Guilt! All of those Tom DeLays who wanted to be great war heroes in the vietnam games, but they were giving all of the good billets to the minorities. And now, the next Rush/Glenn is out there, right now, wishing, just wishing, that the government hadn't given all of the good billets to gayz and girlz and Squirrels!

But does that GUILT really need to be resolved by blaming the veteran's community?

Think about it folks. In the last decade we have arrived at the place where we are the land where people die when they are detained in our not so secret detention facilities. Our cowboys get to shoot down folks in the street, and escape prosecution, while our military folks may get convicted for killing suspects, or not. All because a bunch of folks wanted the Nanny State to do anything and everything to protect them from things that might go bump in the dark!

Anyone want to bet cash money that given the composition of the current US Supreme Court, that Padilla would have been transferred to civilian courts for actual trial? Rather than face the confrontation between the Civilian Supreme Court and the Great WarPrez's right to detain anyone he wants for any reason, or no reason at all!!!

While you are digging around for change next to the lint under the couch. Remind me again about how the veterans community has 'kept you safe' - and if so, from whom?

What if we had dropped the couple of trillion for the games into say a National Health Programme, so that corporations could focus on their core competency, rather than being a part of the national health care process. Why entrepreneurs would be able to not worry about the raising costs of health care and could focus on those economic marvels that would be the direct means of economic recovery! The actual creation of actual wealth and not the paper numbers created by having enough house flippers in the area jack up the prices of housing so that the kids can not afford to buy in the same area with mom and dad....

Or what if we worked on ending all of that red socialist welfare state housing subsidy programmes, married as it is to the red socialist welfare state highway programme, that are required to make cars competative, as a mode of transportation between the work site and the suburban dysfunctional zone. You know, so that we could then work on creating the sorts of affordable homes based upon actually affordable modes of transportation. But that way of course raises the fuggly on why it is that some forms of Red Communist Socialist Welfare Statism is cooler than others.

And we can just bandage over the complications by noting that we supported the veterans who were the folks willing to liberate the energy reserves, and make it clear that anyone wanting to negotiate oil contracts in non-dollar denominated assets was not gonna be stood for! Cause, in america.... we want our red socialist welfare state to help those who can get into the suburban dysfuntionalism the very symbol of why it is that we need to have troops out there protecting our resources that happen to be in other countries.

So what if fixing the problems, focusing on the real issues, were a better idea?

What if it is time to stop blaming the Veteran's Community for everyone's unresolved guilt!