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Total Victory Over WTO!!!

In another stunning military Victory, Great Leader Gloriously Routed the Sinister Forces Of The World Trade Organization, and whith it crushed the growing threat of the Doha Agreement!
WHILE HEZBOLLAH MISSILES and Israeli airstrikes crossed in the night, militias rampaged in Somalia and Darfur and death squads made their ghoulish rounds in the streets of Baghdad, a quieter disaster — but one with arguably larger long-term implications — took place in placid Geneva.

World Trade Organization talks hardly make for compelling television, gripping front-page photos or sexy headlines, yet their effect is often of greater consequence than the latest suicide bombing or military atrocity that commands the 24-hour news cycle. The Israeli-Hezbollah conflict has killed fewer than 450 people so far; global poverty has killed several million this year, while contributing to the instability and despair that will spawn tomorrow's wars, terrorism and other more telegenic tragedies. The Doha round of talks that collapsed Monday in Geneva, launched in the aftermath of the 9/11 terror attacks, could have put a genuine dent in that poverty while boosting standards of living in wealthy nations. The World Bank estimates that a successful outcome would add nearly $300 billion to the world economy.

[ cf LaTimes: Nobody Wants Free Trade ]
Hussah! Huzzah!! WhoZah???

For Maximal Great Leader and his Most Glorious Of All victories against Free Trade, the Free Market System, and the effort to actually do anything practical about dealing with the underlying reasons for Global Terrorism!!! Thus opening the Doors to Eternal War and the endless string of Anti-Zombie Operations against the Dupes Of Iranian Flying Saucers!!!
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