December 1st, 2009


Quarter's Offered, Quarter's Given....

Now, gosh, I would so hate to be rude to the GreenFootBallFreakShowTypes, but gosh, golly, gee whiz, since there is no apparent good reason for them to abandon their dearest friends, from the hey days of the 'false veterans' days, then, gosh, golly, gee Whiz, why exactly should the false veterans be asked to excuse them for the apparent folly of their youth?

I say that because one of my trustable sources offered me the kvetch point Progressives (and Obama) are Doing Better Than We Think -- and We Won't Know What We've Got 'Til It's Gone - since, yes, we are looking at the 2010 election cycle for bi-elections here in america. And wouldn't it be nice if we could work out what it is that separates the folks who are running on the whole GlennBeckIstanian platform - whether that means they are recovering LouDobbites, or more traditional RushLimbiots, or, can we really exclude the GreenFootBallista simply because now they pretend to some majikal insight, that would clearly be a divine revelation, as their posting points to nothing at all new to anyone who had been living in america for the last 30 YEARS!

{ could it be that the GreenFootBallista are fearful that the Obamanites will restore the Draft as a mechanism to continue the Evil Obama's Apostate Polyandrony with the whole SurganistaIsms and the reality community obligation to find fresh bodies to fill out the Military? Not that I would wish to totally impugn the GreenFootBallista for being the vanguard of the Draft Dodger Culture returning to their core cultural values in a time of Federally Sanctioned Tax Payer Event Sequences Overseas associated with hostile fire pay zone events! No, never should I be so Impolite! }

Ah yes, what if main stream middle america were to opt IN on the whole process of being actually engaged in the actual american political process, as at least as important as the current gossip column affair about who kissed whom a the whatEverAwards. You know, to pause and become at least as competent in the core issues that they would be REQUIRED to be aware of, were they trying to become actual american citizens, and not merely the refuse spurned upon the american shores simply because of their parent's latent heterosexual tendencies. Yes, I will blame their parents, because well, gosh, it is not like we can blame them for either their sexual procilivities, or their understanding of the american process. Since to do such would hold them to a level of personal obligation far beyond the conceptualization of all of GlennBeckIstania!

Ah yes... what if the nation needed to think about the compromises that make a democracy less than the grand mystical land where there is merely the GreatLeaderOnTheBigWhiteChristianHorse! Where there are the needs to find viable policies and viable compromises. YES, I consider SurganistaIsm to be a not at all great and novel solution! Since the last time we tried it, the theory was that it was going to make McCain the Next President. So I hold out little hope there. But IF as the evil liberal media suggest, Obama will return the nation to the Powell Doctrine, then we as a nation may get the chance to wonder if mere reasonable compromise is a viable option!

A chance then to offer the world not only an opportunity to return the process of law making, and law managing, to the mere law enforcement establishment. But that even more nobler hope, that we can pass through these dark nights of myths, that we can use the US Military as a law enforcement force as the mythic "Global Policeman"! and return the american military community to the role of american military, and not as the euphemism for global imperial shock troops!

Or would that be asking too much of america?

Postalizing the DOD

I was so amused to listen to this charming set of interviews with the US Postal Service, which as we all know is a Constitutional Mandate ( cf Clause 7. The Congress shall have Power *** To establish Post Offices and post roads. and how it has been privatized by congress so that it is no longer taking tax payer dollars.

GOSH! Golly! Ghee Whiz Bang Wang Dang Golly Wolly GreenFootBallinistaIsms!

Clearly if we can privatise the Postal Service, and let the marvels of the Free Market System lead the way, then what is there to keep the JackBootedIronFistedNightmare of the DOD, which is not even mentioned in the US Constitution, as one more HORROR of Big Govenment upon the neck of the tax payers.


Why is it that the Great War Hero's of the GreenFootBallanista are never able to find their own draft dodger guards from getting shipped off to Afghanistan or IranqIstania to show their commitment to which ever ProWar Doggeral they once thot they felt ever more committed to?

Clearly if only they could show the courage of their Commitemenetes they would call for the empowering of the free market and the end of the horrors of a Tax Payer based DOD, when clearly, it should be postalized, and left to drift in the see of the econonomic mandates of the Invisible Foot of The Free Market to be all that it can be as an army of one!

But that way, uh, would oblige them to uh, deal with that whole spectrum of issues about which part of their 'original intent' they were willing to spill their own personal blood to be all that they could be!

Offer in Compromise to the GreenFootBallista

I just touched one of the RUDEST AND IMPOLITE MOMENTS. Why is it that americans tolerated the release of the death of the first american as a CIA player? ( cf CIA agent named as first American fatality killed at beginning of prisoner revolt )

Don't americans understand that if you die on secret service, you do so POLITELY and SILENTLY! So that the first reported DEAD is an American GI?

Or is that also one more nail in the coffin of the social impoliteness of the GreenFootBallista and the rest of their ILK about the problems of understanding the nature, meaning and priorities of service to country! Worst of all, within their OWN mythological territory where they like to play act on veterans day, and they like to play act about their commitment to the american secret services!

Their IGNORANCE about that side of the cultural separation is on par with their own ignorance about their so called friends and allies, such as HanoiAnnieCoulter and friends.

Trust me, I can understand their ignorance! if they had been raised on a steady diet of KarlRoverianisms, they would not understand that there was a reality outside of their political gaming with the 'credentialing committee', as they lacked the substance to win an actual floor fight on the merits of their ideological dogeral spawned alleged propositions! Since without total control of the credentialing committee they would have had to resort to the use of MASSIVE PSYCHOHALLUCENOGENICS, a la Wild in the streets to even get their proposals considered!

Not that I mean to be impolite to the GreenFootBallista! But one does have to ask which, if any side, they have ever really been near! And if we are to presume that they are in any sense SOBER in their sudden, and I must confess, miraculous option to separate themselves from their bosom buds, what side were they planning, if at all, to be near in any of the future times that might at some time in the future occur!

If you have lived in the land of "take it to the grave", YOU TAKE IT TO THE GRAVE! You do not want anyone from the Godless Liberal Media whining about the fact that your service to country was not one of those things that you wanted the Godless Liberal Media to be making money off of! They would just have to make bucks off the death of the first officially recognized dead american GI! Because the Tax Payers who were still supporting some Nationalise notion of war fighting were at least due that much as some sort of consolation prize for losing a son or daughter! But those who died politely, and silently, as a part of the republic's secret services, died unNoted by the Godless Liberal Media! It was part and parcel of the obligations and Duties! Factors that our friends in the LittleGreenFootBalista never paused to wonder about. What would "obligation and duties" acrtually mean to real people living in a real world far from the happyLands of HanoiAnnieCoulter and the Dubya, and Rush, and the rest of the draft dodger Kulturalista!

Will Obama BE a real man?

Will his speech at west point FINALLY end decades of failed liberalism, and restore the God Given American RIGHT to nuke countries for Jesus!

Clearly if we learned anything from the failures of Vietnam and the many wars with MexiKanukiStania, it is that one has to be in them to Win! and that we need the same war winning commitment that made Japan our most loyal ally!

Now more than ever americans want to be able to go to sleep at night knowing that they are safe from any more attacks by IranqIstanian Flying Saucers and there is only ONE way to give them that freedom from fear! Unbridled unrestricted nuclear war against anyone who is not just like US, and On Our Side!

Are You defending marriage? or do you hate freedome?

On the front side we have 'No Divorce' Initiative Lampoons Gay Marriage Ban - which I think is just not strong enough to keep American American. Since, there is teh fun in Uganda, "The Family" Behind Anti-Gay Act in Uganda which is really a wonderful place, where we make it a capital crime to advocate that some people have human rights.

Now we are californians, we can do better!

We can make it a Bombing Event if anyone who engages in the Sin of Immorality is not reported to the State Safety And Security forces! Since clearly to allow the Sin of Immorality is a disease that can only be cured by the flame! And we know that after dresden, hamburg and Tokyo, there were no more out breaks of the sins of immorality as they were all consumed in the fire!

So let us all get on out there and WIN ONE for Moral Purity Now!