November 30th, 2009


Is Tiger Woods the Sacrifice Bunt for Obama's SurgeTasticalisms?

When I was growing up we understood that you dance with who brung ya. And of course it was the Progressives who helped push the UppityOne into the white house. Never expecting that the best we could get for thatAfghaniShow is the apparent warmed over fiasco of thot call SurgeTasticalism II! Also known as The Revenge of SurgeTasticalism and the ever Popular The Bride Of SurgeTasticalism meets Abbot and Costello.

Not that I would be so impolite as to point out that contrary to one set of myths put forward about the Original SurgeTasticalism, IranqIstanian Style, we are still in IranqIstanian with the same head count, and of course Xe, the WarMongers formerly known as BlackWater, pimping it like it was drunken sailor weekend. So what five dollar crack whore from TeaPartyStania came waltzing into the white house to proffer this prosperity moment as a plausible pliability?

So yes, I was SOOOOOOO Pleased, that on the drive home, after mentioning that we were gonna surge afghanistan, and that tomorrow night they are going to explain it all, we as a nation could focus tonight on the problems of perception about Tiger Wood, and the possible prospect that there might be some sort of SEX SCANDAL or something, or maybe nothing, but something that we need to have special professional persons proffering prosperity moments as a plausible pliability!

Which makes me wonder if Tiger is just Taking It for the Team, so that Obama doesn't look that bad in all of this.