November 5th, 2009


Speaking of RadFemiNurfSaucies

Ok, boys and NonPerKin, have folks noticed that the whole Radical Left Wing Defeatist Stab the Troops in The Back Kabal of UnAmericanista want to run carly and her gal pal from eBay as the HORROR that will bring down the AARP Flying Saucers upon the land if they are allowed to overthrow the greater Californian Military Ruling Council that has been all that has kept this great state safe from the HORRORS of the Alien Reptile People!!!

Now do not get me wrong. I have nothing against allowing civilians to have some sort of civilian government when the nation is in a boring monotonous dull and tedius time of not being in such a heightened state of war like related activities! Honest Injun Folks, my father even married a couple of civilians, but I do not believe that we should allow them extra special privileges with majikal rights sauce slathered on top! Not while we are Eyeball To EyeBall with the Godless UnAmericanist Threat to our white christian america!

I mean have americans so quickly forgot that the very Great And Glorious Military Victories that we are still always achieving in IranIranqIstaniaStan are based upon the Mind Numbingly Brilliant Strategic Plan that we MUST have a full on military option rather than retreat into the failed rationalism of treating criminal conspiracy to commit murder as if it were a mere legal matter to be addressed by mere civilian red socialist law enforcement solutions! And if it is good enough to keep america safe from the AARP Flying Saucers, then the Total Rule Of Total Glorious and Ever Victorious Military WhatEver is what we must defend and continue!!!

This is not the time to change horses in mid stream to some totally untried radical left wing cabal of feminist extremists who, while they may have some civilian experience making profits, and some of those profits made in a time of war, while our troops were dying to defend America! Not that I am going to say that making profits on the backs of dead GI's is a bad thing, unless of course you are not allowing for total market forces to be applied in creating the no-bid contract. But we have to ask what sort of Profit Motive Solution is really a good enough example of how a government can be run, and that as the Massive Military Victory Making Machine of Modern America!!!

When americans take up their gun brandishing posts, they need to ask themselves if they want to retreat to those fear ridden dark horrifying days of failed liberal pre-911 culture, or are they willing to fight on through to total victory over the horrors of mere civilian government and culture so that everyone knows their place, their mission, and their willingness to Crush the Unbelievers For Total VICTORY!