October 30th, 2009


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The New AARP Liberal Agenda Anthem. Be honest, now that there are the Births v. Rush, and PsuedoCons v. Gnewtster, you know in your heart of heart that the True Conservatives were always right about supporting a National Health Defense Initiative, and not that mere liberal thingieOfPooh!

More signs that the Military Coup is working? Leak: Over 30 House Members Under Investigation - since clearly New Online Computer Game Exploits Right-Wing Paranoia - Glenn Beck mysteriously killed. The GOP driven out of Congress. Obama proclaims himself the "Lost Imam." And more. Would be a funny story, were it not for the various Right Wing Pundits openly talking about the civilWar/Coup and their friends in the military who are all engaged in doing the intercession.

Or are we suppose to reassure ourselves that the draft dodger kultur, being that strong out there in GlennBeckIstania, they know better than to hope that they can get actual boots on the ground in America.

The PSA for why you should not do bad DRUGS: Jeb Bush: Obama trying to 'attack capitalism' - this folks is what happens when you lost the last few years in a stoner haze with your friend Rush. Friends do not let friends get THAT STONED!

Granted, the alternative is that there was never a failure of will in the financial sector. It could have happened that way in some like alternative reality. Not saying that other realities are more broken, merely that they could be.

More PROOF that Obama is the Puppet Toady of the AARP Flying Saucer Alien Reptile People! Obama's Future How can anyone doubt that this is all a part of their SINISTER PLOT!

Mean while back in the Other SlipStream, Pat Robertson denounces hate-crimes bill, falsely claims it doesn't cover religious bias. But hold it, if Robertson actually read the bill, then GottImHimmel, he would be stabbing the troops in the back by retreating into the Failed Liberal pre-911 Kultur of Death that is the Reality Based Community! And we know that in that moment, he would lose his faith in God, and would become a mass murderer! But do the godless liberals ever think about this as they try to push Pat into the Reality Based Community? Hum????

I mean, these are tougher times as the PsuedoCons openly engage in that "fossie, fossie, Madona, Madona" BirdCage Moment of attacking the GOP Canditate: Republican Dirty Tricks in NY-23. Yes, someday, someone will unwrap this Bad Camp version of Beach Blanket Bimbo Babylon BazoomBa, and we can get back to a pre-drag GOP. Heck, even run campaigns based upon the actual issues, and not the issues which would be issues in the other slip stream novel.

More Proof that AARP Flying Saucers are Attacking America based Upon The Obamanite War On Freedom:
Pew survey: Fox News is viewed as the most ideologically oriented of the big three cable news channels.
[ cf Stop the Presses! ]
Well, there you have it! The EVIL LIBERAL MEDIA is stabbing Rush in the back because they HATE AMERICA! Rush Limbaugh, Master of Eliminationism - I mean with Rush's BRILLIANT War Record in the Great Holy Wars against those who wanted to have a mere civilian government, how can anyone say anything less than that HE is the most Ideologically Oriented of all!!! Thus proving that the AARP is unamerican!

Boing? Boing?
Arrest warrant issued for Michael Hilton, scammer at the center of the Montana jail/American Police Force debacle.
[ cf Book'em ]
WHAT? the greatest illustration of the FeeMarket being able to provide better war fighting para military forces than ever before!!! was a scam! Warrant out for Calif. con artist with Mont. ties - oh Dear Me! I sure hope that the folks in GlennBeckIstania were not too deeply invested, emotionally or Economically!

What? having officers in country speaking the native language? Why that is like admitting that Ferrign Devils have some sort of language other than American! Which the bible was written in! Breaking News: Air Force Officer Speaks Pashto! - would this be a bad time for the PsuedoCons to get all pious about the need to end the Green Beret Ideals of having Alpha teams ready to go in and do the job correctly in the indigenous languages? You know, not the sort of DickWaving DukeNukeM types who confuse their PrideParadeWavingFestival with actual military ability! I mean, gosh, golly, gee whiz! What if there were more to asymetric warfare than merely being able to kill them all and let jesus sort out the survivors.

Or would that be too close to asking folks to be cognizant of one of the major expenses in the federal budget and the actual reality constraints upon implementing policies inside of that federal expense zone?

The ShrillOne admits it:
Just a quick note on the GDP report. Obviously, 3.5 percent growth is a lot better than shrinkage.
At this rate, we wouldn’t reach anything that feels like full employment until well into the second Palin administration.

[ cf Growth and jobs ( emphasis mine )
All Americans can feel safer now, knowing that she will be the Great Komrade Mom in the KomradeMomoVitch! Now to defeat the rest of the godless AARP horrors!

Interesting, some airmen have access to face book accounts. Airmen Bomb Silly Safety Belt Rules, on Facebook Hum... Why yes, a report from an air force base in the Azores, for those of you not aware, that is in the middle of the Atlantic, and is the cutting edge of the sword ready to defeat the Atlantians when they come up from out of the ocean and proove once and for all that the great state of Atlantis was IN the atlantic, and they are all in league with AARP.

You have to respect these interesting talking point moments, where folks hope that in lieu of which ever poseur posturing we are facing, that some how the majik will still keep on working that it is more important to retain the All Military Government, than face the risk of allowing civilians not only into the Military, but the whole HORROR of a civilian government. But what if there were more than the threat of atlantians that really worried americans back home? What if this very evil and clearly sinister attack on our AMERICAN FREEDOME by the Evil DangerRoomOfWiredMagOnLine were one more case of putting women and children and american families at risk by revealing that there is an ever growing THREAT of Atlantians, and the whole return of the Island of Atlantis, that the new Air Force Policies are preventing OUR VALIANT FIGHTING FORCES FROM WINNING! I am not saying that we are not winninga against the Atlantian Threat, just that we might not be able to win against the Atlantian Threat if things went really wrong.

Fortunately there are people who are being practical: CBN Scrubs "Witch Candy" Blog Post - since NOT all of the candy sold during this season has been dedicated and prayed over by witches nor is it guranteed that there will be sex with demons and the like. So those of you who were counting on it. You may need to switch to plan B, and learn how to talk with Girls, and learn all of the scary things that go with getting Girl Cooties. Even MORE SO because, well, those could be Atlantian AARP flying saucer based Girl Cooties.

Is it just me, but it is getting harder, and harder to take american news seriously?
== This may not be the real world, but it was what I found at the time. ==