October 20th, 2009


Obama is the New Nixon

Well, FoxNewsSayz, so it clearly has to follow that the Obamanites are crushing what little freedom remained, and will continue this jack booted assault on liberty as they steel the 2012 presidential election, which of course FoxNewsSayz is the expected course of HORROR!

In related HORRORS: Scozzafava Campaign Calls The Police On Weekly Standard Reporter - More Proof that the Radical Extremist Obamanites, the moderate wing of the GOP, have become the HitlerYouthOfToday, we are clearly facing the DarkNightOfTotalIkkyYukkyPoohPerIsms!


and tomorrow...

I save the corporation the price of speed delivery by personally picking up the hard copy of the job offer I have verbally accepted.

This will of course lead to the inevitable collapse of civilization, and the decline and fall of the west. As if it needed any more help in that direction.