September 27th, 2009


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Hate for the High Holidays - now remind me again, why in our White Christian America, anyone is allowed to disagree with Fred Phelps and friends! I mean, would we really want GOD to attack us with IranqiStanian Flying Saucers?

In the Anti-FaithBased space Keeping Iran honest - Iran's secret nuclear plant will spark a new round of IAEA inspections and lead to a period of even greater transparency - got that on a twitter, and yes, what if we had a rational idea about what to do rather than merely playing the fear mongering for strictly domestic consumption, and to prevent the SkyGod from bombing us back into the stone age with those IranqiStanian Flying Saucers?

Wow, nearly had an elvis moment - one of those phrases one is never toooo sure how to correctly parse. Huckabee in St. Louis: Get America Out of the U.N. - which offers his other sharing moments from the “How To Take Back America” conference it might help to explain how getting out of the UN is going to get america back, and if so to what level of backward will it get us? Will exiting the UN make americans safer from the threat of war crimes committed by their government being committed against them? Will it end american adventurism abroad? Will it end the moral and fiscal corruption of the globalized economy? So what will this back to backwardness really get us? Besides the chance that Huckabee may join Elvis on the mother ship.

Would an ecoTastrophy on a US Marine Camp be a bad thing for the antiEcoThingies who are such butch manly male masculine menPerKin ProWarWheezeling - Were They Poisoned By Camp Lajeune Water Supply? Stricken Marines Seek Help ( <> )- or will the do their usual wanking, and explain that this is all a part of what happens when you force the military to take in mere civilians, rather than the best of the best of the best! Because of course Evil Liberals want to impose mere civilianisms on the Military! Unlike the true ProWarriors who are True, And Pro, and have far more important things to do than be mere welfare queens of the welfare state's RED socialist warFightingThingiePooh!

Gosh, what if war profiteering were a bad thing?

At least the antiNationalHealthDefensePlan will be more proud that they are ever gloriously victorious in their war against those americans who opted out of total victory of the victorious. R.I.P. Kimi Young, 22, Another Casualty of Our For-Profit Deathcare System. Now I do not mean to be harsh about the ProDeathCareCrew, but until they get honest with themselves about their hatred of actual born americans, they are going to have a whole lot of internal emotional issues about why they keep on hating themselves as well. So ProDeathCareCrew, embrace your body count! You keep making the world understand how important dead bodies are in your culture of PsuedoProLife.

What would it be like if ProLifers actually woke up to supporting the actually living?

Oh that's why they keep having these issues: P.T. Barnum Laughs - The Birther Infomercial, Stealing From Suckers $30 At A Time - in the happier land, there is no real concern about ROI, only about pureland commitment to the true ideology!

iFascism? - ah yes, what a concept.

Don't you hate it when your liberal friends can not remember which N-word is the struggle. ( see also Barack Obama Is An Acorn )

Oh dear, this is almost too frightening by half: Cultural Studies Food Fight! I must confess that in a time of KuluturKampf that have a solid, and sane, cultural studies programme would be a good thing. Not a part of the problem that needs to be fixed.

You have to respect american merchandizing 'Homeless' doll costs $95 (hairstyling extra) - nothing says TotallyAmericanized than selling the horror!

Oh god no, not more of the same failed which ever Why Health Care Reform Needs a Strong Public Plan: It Saves Lots of Money - I mean how many times do we have to remind folks that RayGunn taught us that deficits do not matter, thus to worry about cost is to stab the No-bid contractors in the back!

Which meritocracy? Republicans: To the Manor Born - ah yes, what if there were problems with the process by which we differntiate those of us from the ruling elites, and well, the riff raff of the TeaBaggerIng WackFests!

== This may not be the real world, but it was what I found at the time. ==

More Shocking Shocks

Ah yes, finally the nation admits that FDR dragged americans into WWII and forced innocent americans to engage in the socialism of warfare! Long-Belated Homecoming for World War II Veterans

Now if only we could find more ways out of the HORRORS of RED Socialist warStuff, so that never again will that sort of horror happen to americans who do not want massive big government interferring with their Privatized War Insurance Programmes, so that americans are not victimized by the socialist redistribution of wealth that nationalzied war insurance programmes impose.

Problems with the Rule Of Thumb Arguments

I should complement one of those folks whom I trust for presenting a reasonable enough working case for why one would wish to avoid the use of 'the rule of thumb' - given that it has acquired a most interesting patena. One that seems to not quite survive the actual matters at law.
It seems that Buller was hard done by. He was notoriously harsh in his punishments and had a reputation for arrogance, but there's no evidence that he ever made the ruling that he is infamous for. Edward Foss, in his authoritative work The Judges of England, 1870, wrote that, despite a searching investigation, "no substantial evidence has been found that he ever expressed so ungallant an opinion".

It's certainly the case that, although British common law once held that it was legal for a man to chastise his wife in moderation (whatever that meant), the 'rule of thumb' has never been the law in England.

Even if people mistakenly supposed the law to exist, there's no reason to believe that anyone ever called it the 'rule of thumb'. Despite the phrase being in common use since the 17th century and appearing many thousands of times in print, there are no printed records that associate it with domestic violence until the 1970s, when the notion was castigated by feminists. The responses that circulated then, which assumed the wife-beating law to be true, may have been influenced by Gillray's cartoon or were possibly a reaction to The Rolling Stones' song 'Under My Thumb', which was recorded in 1966.

[ cf Rule of thumb ]
It should be noted that the freaking brits carry the meaning as
A means of estimation made according to a rough and ready practical rule, not based on science or exact measurement.
and that we are now in a complicated place, where we need to understand how meme's start and bloat.

I mean, what next, the loss of 'pi mal daumen' latin for "PI times thumb".

I should confess as a fencer I find the following bit interesting:
The phrase itself has been in circulation since the 1600s. In 1692, it appeared in print in Sir William Hope's training manual for aspiring swordsmen, The Compleat Fencing-master:
"What he doth, he doth by rule of Thumb, and not by Art."
The origin of the phrase remains unknown.
( op cit )
Since this deals with the various problems of thumb position and the various ways of making estimations and approximations, that are, well, less than the way of the Italian Masters and their various fetishes...

But I think we should all be pleased with The 'rule of leg' never caught on. although there is more than one meaning in the double entendre for 'leg over'....

I should likewise be noted that the wiki in Rule of Thumb also gives the origins to the fencing theory.

This of course now leads to the problem of what to do with those who's sense of linguistics is driven by an ideological set of issues that are free standing from the flow of history? And more importantly the problem that amongst some there is the problem of how to deal with the question and issues of the use of violence, in the first whine, against women, and for those of us who are professionals, against all persons and species. I can understand that there may have been some ideological importance in the seventies to a form of mock sorority girl feminism to opt in on an ideological posture. But should that be maintained? Or should we instead opt out of wars on rules of thumb gambits, in favor of dealing with the issues directly.

Violence is not good, period. That there can be and are clear distinctions that can and should be made with regards to the use of force, and when that use of force has issues with being over the edge and hence a matter of violence.

Other language problems.

So while pondering the rule of thumb issues, I came across the post enhanced interrogation techniques,
Because sometimes one needs more than mere enhancements.

Why we MUST defeat the Evil British

The Labour Party will unveil tough new action on bankers' bonuses at its conference Monday, while attempting to show it will fight for its life in an election.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown was forced to spend the first day of his party's annual gathering on Sunday fending off gloomy predictions from his own ministers and persistent questions about his health.

With an election to take place by June, Labour is so far behind the Conservatives in opinion polls after 12 years in power that it has little choice but to portray itself as the underdog.

[ cf PM's party to unveil curbs on bankers' bonuses ]
well, there you have it. Al-qaeda has destroyed feeDome in the UK and there can be only one answer, bomb them into submission.