September 26th, 2009


links for 2009.09.26

Wow, good old fashion republican welfare A Fool and His Money where we learn that Gary Kreep, is, well, still kreeping them out. But also able to make a living out of kreeping folks. Isn't that a wonderful way to waste capital rather than say investing it in goods and services that grow the actual economy?

Now this is interesting: Glenn Beck Faces Backlash -- From the Right - It seems as if Beck may be marginalizing himself in a way that will, if we're all really lucky, make him permanently toxic to those who take politics seriously. - we can only hope. His new Stasi Book is out, so if you have given up on america, support glenn beck by buying his new toy book. Has pretty colors.

[ it is interesting that places like are no longer resolving in the DNS. Could this be an actual bad thing? or merely netScrewUps? ]

Oh dear, another stab in the back of the 'rational expectation' game in economics, in this case, the freakOnomics crew offers us Don’t Read This Post runs down the fuel economy problem-ish, since, how many folks keep track of their energy usages? So there may be more than two open issues with various myth based systems that are not quite ready for 'faith based post factualisms'.

The shrill one notes that some are confused: Pigou, Glenn Beck, and the false case against cap-and-trade - why oh why can't we have more faith Based Post Factualist reporters reporting the reports that would be truthier if we lived in those happier alternative steam punk slip streamed universes!

Bad Media Critics Align With GAY ZOMBIE AL-QAEDA IranqIstanian Flying Saucers of Doom! Will the media ever report about how low in the polling Republicans have sunk? besides those poll numbers are not GAY! Those Poll Numbers are DeLay Dancing With The Digits! Ok, so they are not THAT gay...

SEE! See The Obamanites are turning children into Alien Repitle People Push Granny Under the Flying Saucers with their Satanisms - 'Indoctrinating' children? There go conservatives, projecting again That sort of GODLESS unamericanism would not happen in a Free Republic in which all children would learn to worship the one true and only great leader who was appointed by the one true and only god of our white christian america!!! But of course the evil liberal media of GlennBeckLand hates america and is covering all of that up!

We have good news, and information dept: Oh That's Good News - where we learn that yes virginia woolfe, hundreds of banks can track their TARP funds. If the purpose of the TARP rescue was to increase lending, it has failed ( emphasis mine ) - would not be a good time to talk about whether or not TARP was ever targetted at increasing lending, and would that be a good thing?

This is making the rounds in multiple places:
Kyl: "I don't need maternity care" in my benefits package.

Stabenow: "I think your mom probably did."

[ cf Republicans: Not Just the Stupid Party, the Really Stupid Party... ]
For extra credit here kampfr's is there a gender bias showing that one of these people wants to force special rights and privilages onto some new protected class of perKins, namely Mothers. I am just shocked! SHOCKED! I tell you at that sort of Radical AgendaIzing by Liberals! What next they want to make sure that ALL Grannies get special preferential treatment, and thus get pushed to the head of the line in an evil Liberal Push Granny Under the Flying Saucer RED Socialist SocializedAgendaIzing!

When is using military against civilians a good thing? Sonic Warfare Erupts in Pittsburgh, Honduras - well gosh, when we say it is. Of course. Besides, those could have been GAY HomoZeXual Zombies...

Would there be a good reason for Smoking Gun on CIA Torture Conspiracy? Human Experimentation Central to EIT Program - and should americans be concerned about what gets done in their name.

== This may not be the real world, but it was what I found at the time. ==

Brief Personal Angst Moment.

My two favorite crazies are trying to get me gigs. One is well within what I can/have done - and is with a reasonably safe firm. The other is one of those cases where I might have a chance to get the correct title, and prove that I have always been doing that job anyway, and well, it would be totally freak to be able to work with the other crazy....

So which way should I hope that things fall?

And why is it that things are always more complicated than they seem.

Here we are still days away from moving in, and we are getting to see various patterns of things we so do not want to do, bad habits we do not want to bring into the new place. Discussions about what is it that we really want this new space to work like...

They made me do this

It was midsummer in suburban Denver when an unassuming, bearded man pushed a red shopping cart between shelves stacked with hair coloring and nail polish remover.
[ cf Feds: Zazi Trips, Shopping Led to NY Terror Threat - ABC News ]
Hello, do you color your Hair AND have nail polish remover.

Well, you are the new skateboard, and need to learn:
Play an Accordian!
Go to Jail!
It's The Law like related activity like thingiePooh!
If you know what we mean.