September 21st, 2009


links for 2009.09.21

Netflix Awards $1 Million Prize and Starts a New Contest - an interesting crowd sourcing of how find a better algorithm. What IF the net really was a whole new type of social media, across more than one axis of difference?

ORIGINAL Morning Press:
Christian Right Looks to Debt, Economic Worries for 2010 Election - Values Voters Embrace Libertarian Conservative Ideals. It will be interesting if along that path they opt in on learning about actual economics, and not merely faith based hope about what economics might mean in an alternative reality.

Speaking of changing libertarian landscapes - Dell buys Perot Systems in $3.9 billion deal - The PC maker takes a step into information technology through acquisition. Will this lead to a new model of the all in one conglomerate? That makes the sand that goes into the boxes that are managed by the consultants that Jack Built?

Frank Scaheffer offers a take: Right-Wing Hatemongering Fueled by Christianity? - The ugly side of Evangelical Christianity is very much to blame for the anti-Obama hyperventilating. I especially like the line: "Can Christianity be saved from the Christians?" - Since that is going to be a problem in the 'evangelical circles' - since that means addressing problems of first principle. I was watching Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events and freaked at the line "everything happens for a reason." Since yes, one can get to the A caused B propositions, and thus to the who is the uncaused cause problem. The Religious Right will of course argue that this is obviously the ontological proof of god, and hence that there must be AgendaItemNumber13, and tax cuts. Schaeffer is offering us Patience With God: Faith For People Who Don't Like Religion (Or Atheism), his soon to be published book, as a way to look for alternatives. We may not like his conculsions, but we should at least remain open to the dialog in the hope that it can help us.

In related news Bill Moyers: Conservative Radicals and the Politics of Vengeance - Intellectual conservatism is dead. And the angriest, most intellectually bankrupt elements have taken over the movement. As might seem obvious, no, I do not buy into the idea that conservativism is intellectually dead. But I will support the part of the problem, that reasoning as a part of being a movement conservative has dropped from the requirements. At one end, there is the small hope that as we better understand how brains actually work, we may be able to find a safer place for where reason should rely in all of this. But that way is to talk about the framework in which discussing the death of reason might be fruitful. { what is probably scary is that once again if the PsuedoCons get into power, they will once again arrive with a great hatred, a self loathing hatred, since their opposition to those in power, will continue on, since they will arrive without any of the skills to govern well. But then again, there was never any need to actually know how to govern, since government was the problem by fiat! }

The Bill O'Reilly Speech Bill O'Reilly Didn't Want You To Hear - At the Values Voter Summit, Bill O'Reilly locked the media out of his appearance before the religious right. Here's what he didn't want you to hear. This mostly goes under the category of background read. It also introduces some to The Public Eye - and with it the question of where does journalism and research work and play well together? Should the media become involved in covering these semi-public cult groups like the FRCaction?

What? 9/12 was just a Reality TV Show? Fox News Producer Caught Rallying the Crowds During the 9/12 Protests - why I am just shocked. Given Does hateful rhetoric really lead to violence? History gives us the clear answer: yes - we may want to see what is really being scheduled for the fall line up of replacements for "Big Bang Theory", will it be a BiggerBangForThePoliticalBuck Theory?

Do we really need to know more about Saul Alinsky and his Rules for Radicals simply because Winger Wizardry has awakened to the need to use the liberal strategies and tactics in a new radical community organizing agenda. For those who opted out of Community Organizing and Social Activism, for all of the reasons that made the post-seventies culture the world it became. Maybe the correct answer is YES, you do need to read it.

A nice summary of the Orly Taitz update II: she's about to get sanctioned to the tune of $10,000.

There may be a compelling argument why restoring reasoning may become useful:
According to Tom Coburn's chief of staff, if you are turned on by naked pictures of the opposite sex it means you're gay.
[ cf Close Your Eyes And Think Of Gary Bauer ]
which makes some sense, if you are fundamentally opposed to any form of sexual congress, since, well, they are all TOO GAY!

And in the "but are they really gay" world we have Gay men 'can be identified by their Facebook friends' - Homosexual men can be identified just by looking at their Facebook friends, according to unpublished research by two students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology..

An active thread at techCrunch - What Have VCs Really Done for Innovation? - which clearly is a discussion that we will really need to have. Especially as we look at how to restore the nation to some form of economic soundness.
== This may not be the real world, but it was what I found at the time. ==

Learning those soft skills, the hard way.

Ok, so I tried to order my drugs, and opted to add the 'flownaise' as well. Then I got a blink from the phramcist that there was an issue with the insurance. So I start winding up the "TERRIBALIZING MACHINE" - and of course, well, it's not quite the same TM it use to be. Because I pull out the freaking folder on my cobra stuff, and drop a phone call on their people to find out what the SitRep is, have I missed a cobra payment, which is really scary. But my paperwork stays that I have not, so, WTF.

Let things hang for a bit, as my angst goes up.

Opt to call the phramacy. Turns out that one of those DEATH PANELS at the insurance will not allow me to order a new dosage of flownaise until the 24th.

That is our crisis! I Mean, WOW! I was trying to avoid having to bike down their twice. Well so much for that panik. So I thanked the nice person and we moved on down the road...