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The drieuxster's Happy Land
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Saturday, September 5th, 2009

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Problems With Embassy Security Contract Crept Up Long Before ArmorGroup - where we learn amongst other things that ArmorGroup hired to protect the embassy in Kabul were “nothing more than slave labor.”, as some of the litigation goes. While we are also learning that there are language problems - like the gunners not speaking english.

{ wonder if this will get on the neo-abolitionist movement's commitment to ending american involvement in slavery? }

Hey kids, things may be up for a new round of how covert should covert be? CIA Wants DOJ to Investigate Assassinations Leak - but why not simply disassemble the so called intelligence community, and allow the free market to solve the problem! This way americans can own as much Private War Insurance as they need!

Photo of a Dying Marine: The Larger View - for those who have seen death, this is not really news. But there is the question about how sanitary should we keep the world for the proWarTypes? So that they can feel all happy about being in the rear with the beer.

Another discussion of the mostly obvious: The Psychology of the Right-Wing's Anti-Government 'Death-Panel' Delusions - Calling people brainwashed, racist or stupid feels good but doesn't really explain the heart of their irrational fear and hatred of government. But it does offer a step into the CogSci world.

Now that is funny: 'American Casino': How Our Nation's Financial Sector Became a Massive and Unregulated Gambling Operation

What more proof do we need that the Nation has returned to Peace Times? Schools in Some Southern States Are Giving Parents an 'Opt-Out' for Children Not to Hear Obama's Address to Students. And remind me that we need to support the president to support the socialist welfare queens of the Armed Forces while the Evil Liberals are not actually at war, because they are merely continuing the failed liberal agenda of the failed liberal Dubya.

The other Ike Quote - well worth recalling: Eisenhower's Forgotten Warning and the Threat of Authoritarian Currents in Our Politics
his letter offers an equally important — and relevant — warning: to beware the danger posed by those seeking freedom from the “mental stress and burden” of democracy.
how appropriate for these times.

Wow: Conservatives Protest Obama's Nefarious Plot to Have Schoolchildren Learn Things in School - It has come to this. Right-wingers are telling children to skip school as a protest against Obama's encouragement of students to stay in school. well what more do we need to say, but:
Obama is the New Face of the Arayan Nation!
which will make it all much mo betta for all of the freakShow.

Liberals get crazy about how the ownership of a text should not be open to being 'corrected'. Scrap The Kindle - there is the problem of what to do with errata, and updates to the edition, that are not being addressed in the discussion. ( often I have found that by the time a book makes it out in paperback there is at least a 1.1 version of the text from the original hard back... so... uh... )

A fun read - Why Do Hissy Fits Succeed? - also about the problem of the Obamanite destroying children in schools with is death panel empowered mentalDeathRays!!!

Would this be a good time to not discuss the fairness doctrine? Alien Lizard People on the Radio: KQED 88.5 Forum Update... - ah yes, what an interesting thot - that we might be better served by having the People who want to protect us from the Alien Lizard People on the Radio. But, uh, isn't that really what much of HateRadio has always been about? ( and would this be a bad time to talk about the reality that the Armed Forces Network is running Fox News and Glenn Beck, without anything approaching a balanced view? Let alone a commitment to being near to factual? Or would that be mixing mission statements about where we need the MOST support for attacking the Alien Lizard People in our current time of Peace. )

It remains disheartening that the MSM is committed to the end of law in america. Who are Broderian anti-investigation journalists really protecting? What a sad day it is indeed.

Because sometimes you have to stop the Marxist Plot Man, this is some bullshit - it should be noted that the Radical Left not only supports the Evil Obamanite calls for children to spy on their parents and fight whitey! They are also implicitly willing to back GOP contenders for Ted Kennedy's Seat, if the Red Soxs are willing to run key players for that senate seat. It should also be noted that once again the Loopey Liberal left is covering up the growing threat of Alien Lizard People.

Radical Left Wing Extremists Still covering up the Alien Lizard People Threat, and slanderously suggesting that at one time americans elected the Red Communist Head of SAG to be president. Reagan's speech to schoolkids in 1988 - I mean how much loopier can lefties get these days?

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