September 1st, 2009


links for 2009.09.01

GOP Rep Laughs at Uninsured Constituent - has a video, and it misses the problem of what if you can not afford health insurance, how are you going to grow up and just buy some!

Will the CIA roll over and become states evidence against members of the American Military? CIA Says Military Officers Threatened Detainees, Too - or are they hoping for the classical, but they did it too defense? ( hint - it did not work with mom, we can hope it will not work in the so called adult world )

An Economist Thinking About Love - What if a Nash Bargaining Solution IS what it is all about? And of course the worse part, what if folks confuse that full spectrum negotiation with just some facets of the hormonal imbalances? Such as presuming that they are 'bad people' and therefore deserve this badly non-negotiated arrangement? Yes, the thot space can be, strange.

Patriots Come Out To Texas Pro-Secession Rally: "We Hate The United States!" ( there are various reportings on this. ) But what if these folks thot that american troops were in hostile fire pay zone event sequences? Would they still opt to oppose their own american troops? Or are they merely supporting the folks who are killing american troops? One has to wonder if they have thot through this part of their rhetorical posturing, not to mention their own implicit, well, self loathing here.

But will he be giving state capital depreciations on all wives, mistresses and concubines? That is what we really want to know about Republican candidate for Virginia governor's seat laid out his far-right agenda years ago - ah yes, the fun of the no separation of Church and TaxGiveAways forms of state sponsored socialism!

Things that are just depressing: Partly Correct - since Useful, but not sufficient. Sometimes ignoring falsehoods isn't enough.

More economic badCookieMoments - We Told Them So... - it's not always as bad as it can be. Since, if we wind up lucky with TARP, who knows. Things may work out.

Is it just time to ship in a new Kultural Elite? Beltway culture, checks on journalists and secrecy obligations - since, well it seems like the current one Is BROKEN.

But will the Resources War need cooler stuff anyway? Designing the Army’s Retro ‘Future’ why not just outsource the problem of resource wars to the private sector where they know how to run wars on a for profit basis! As the Markets Demand!