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The drieuxster's Happy Land
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Saturday, August 29th, 2009

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Evil Liberal Media Covering Up TRUE holy warriors?
The Men Who Start At Goats is getting dangerous viral marketting while CNN: Secret Service Interviewed Pastor Who Prays For Obama's Death.

Makes one wonder which side the Obamanites are with regards to Prayer Warriors! ( Just google it, if you do not know Prayer Warriors. )

UPDATE: he Strangely Powerful Placebo offers us the majikal moment:
It’s got the pharmaceutical industry worried enough to fund a major study to identify the factors in rising placebo potency. Drug companies could be victims of their own success in this instance: we’ve become so convinced of the power of modern medicine, it works even when we’re off the pill.
What if the PhramKom were to admit to using Holy Prayer Warriors? and that
Germ Theory is JUST a Theory!
The Shrill One Confused About Prayer Warrior's In Economics
Yes, it’s true that it was relatively easy to cut spending after World War II. However, during the war the United States ran massive deficits — more than 20 percent of GDP for three years. What the big cuts in defense spending after the war did was mostly to close those deficits; big defense spending during the war didn’t somehow make it easier to pay down debt after the war was over.

The fact is that the war left America with a big debt — bigger, relative to our resources, than we’re likely to face when the economic rescue is over. We dealt with it.

[ cf 1945 ]
What? simply not spending in excess of what one earns is not enough to end the debt?

WHAT? how can that be?

He doesn't mean that on top of sorting out the excess expenditures, that there was some process that involved actually paying down the debt... Why that would mean that fiscal conservancy was more than merely Prayer Warriors calling down god's wrath upon the unbelievers!
Converting The Prayer Warriors to activists
A curious personal observation: I’m getting more crazy hate mail than I have in years, maybe since 2004. But this time the character of the hate mail has changed.

Back then I was a traitor for questioning Dear Leader’s motives in invading Iraq. These days, I’m a socialist piece of, um, stuff because I assert that we might have something to learn from the Swiss health care system, or that debt projections aren’t quite as awful as you may have heard.

It’s not too hard to understand. Presumably it’s coming from talk radio; I assume the ranters are furious with anyone who questions their vision of Obamanite tyranny. Still, it’s odd to get such violent reactions to what are basically dry, wonkish columns.

[ citing Summer Of Hate ]
Wow, it is so comical that we have folks who's total loyalty to the TruWarPrezNit is so ongoing, that they are still committed to the fact free way of life.

But what wonders me, is what will it take to convert the mere Prayer Warriors spamming the Unbelievers from their Prayer Closets, into the Weapons Of GOD who will answer the Calls to PURGE and CLEANSE with fire!
Why Not War Bonds?
The burden of debt - in which the shrill one harkens back to merely the historical reality of the economic impact of the RED Socialist FDRiteAssaultOnFreedomByDoingThatWarThingAgainstNicePeople!

It is interesting that they had 'war bond drives' and that the American population were the vast majority of the debt holders for that war. What if we were to have war bond drives now? What if back on 2009.09.12 the nation had risen up as one to demand a war bond drive to offer up the total national commitment to defeating IranqIstanian Flying Saucers, or what ever it was that we were concerned about, in a way that would have been consistent with established sound conservative fiscal policy?

Oh me! Oh My! What ever will we do!
Liberals Want To Impose EuroScience Upon America
Fact is we never caught up to those socialists in Europe and - probably because they base decisions on science a little more than the average American - they are pulling out further ahead now...
[ cf Another GOP Healthcare Myth Busted ]
BUT, should we allow the Obamanites to stab the Prayer Warriors in the back with their Satanic RED Socialist Science, rather than supporting Faith Based Believing!
Because Sometimes Wittgenstein was a beery swine...
That’s When I Reach For My Tractatus

( were the Protest Warrior true Prayer Warriors? )

And what would Monty Python Beleive if they met Megan McArdle in the after life? What will it take to rescue the reasoning from the Evils of Liberals...
Why Liberals HATE comedy
From Hakcer News we get: Humour is an 'act of aggression' - Humour is an act of agression and telling jokes is a method of reinforcing a social hierarchy, according to a German study.

Thus showing why Evil Liberals never understand when who is funning them is Funny, and all comedic, and not merely randomly calling for the elimiation of unbelievers and apostate spawns whom our Prayer Warriors are making go to the lower rings of Gehena!

See! See! Liberals are just BAD!
what? support For Red Socialist Research?
Where Have You Gone, Bell Labs?: How basic research can repair the broken U.S. business model

Oh ME! Oh MY! Business Week is attacking the faith based total mission accomplished military victories of the Holy Prayer Warriors against the Godless Liberalism of Wall Street!

I mean how can things like research be useful in creating jobs, if all of the wealth is to come from outsourcing to overseas places?

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