August 28th, 2009


Get Our Race War ON!

Civil Rights Commission May Target DOJ Over New Black Panthers

Or, could it be.... that this is just first round in the more sinister anti-american plot by the so called Civil Rights Commission, to outlaw White Christian America, by attacking the True Holy Warriors and their correct implementation of carrying guns because they are non-violent types who feel safer with guns...

Now it is possible that the New Black Panthers are a threat, even IF they failed to show up with fully automatic weapons....

Speaking of Obamanite Vetting Of the Military

Got a governance problem? The Taliban is getting pretty effective at it. They’ve set up functional courts in some locations, assess and collect taxes, and even allow people to file formal complaints against local Talib leaders. Part of the Taliban plan to win over the people in Swat was to help the poor or displaced own land. Their utter brutality has not waned, nor has their disregard for human life. But with each such transaction, they chip away at the legitimacy of the Afghan government, saying in effect: “We can give you the stability the government cannot.”
[ citing from Mullen’s Inadvertent Afghanistan Admission ]
Would be normal radical left wing propoganda, were it not coming from Adm Mullen.

Or is that the problem here, with so many RED in the Socialist WarStuff the whole idea of a Joint Force is just more Hippie Dippie Dope Smoking!