August 27th, 2009


Postmodernism as Gateway Drug to Atheism

This Just In: College Will Make You an Atheist

Ok, I soooo love the section heading Postmodernism as Gateway Drug to Atheism.

Besides, where do you think Obamanites come from? They do not just step off of Flying Saucers from planet Zorkenon... well, ok, some do...

( neoLogism of the day: Helicopter Parent
- because sometimes one has to turn on the speakers, play a little vagner, and remind them all
Cylons Don't Surf
if you know what I mean... )

Obamanites Continue Repression of 1st Ammendment Rights

Pentagon Reporter-Screening Crisis Deepens OH Mien GOTT IM HIMMEL!

The stars and strips is leaking data about the Pentagon's RED Socialist WarFightingThingiePooh policy of supporting only the correct welfare statist model of transferring tax dollars to the correct players!!!

Glenn Beck Does Rush was correct that Obamanites have been crushing america for a long time now, and the evil Obamanites did not stop the practice back in October, presumably of 2008, when the Obamanites were put on notice that they were stabbing the troops in the back by not supporting the troops and the troops newspaper!!!

All of of which PROOVES that obamanites are pushing granny under the flying saucer, and that true americans should not allow the regime to track them by voter registration roles, and they should move to their Anti-Alien-Space-Creature defense positions, because Cylon's Don't Surf, DUDE I repeat, Cylon's Don't Surf, DUDE.

In related news, "John has a long moustache..."
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Britain Continues War On America

British TV Boffins Battle Sonic Blaster

I mean what sort of SICK nation allows their TV shows to openly show people building low-tech alternatives to american high tech solutions! That can only mean that Britain has fallen to the Obamanited NHS push granny under the flying saucer pro-IranqiStanian Flying Saucer Cyborg zombie dust bunny WhatEvers....

And we MUST stop them now before they spread their RED Socialist Science/Engineering ThingiePoohs!

it's official.

GOPUSMEDIA is preaching the coming dark age.
How to Survive the Collapse of Civilization!
And as Hurricane Katrina proved, the Federal Government's ability to help during a national emergency is severely limited.
You see, it was all of you evil LIBERALS!! You and YOUR Obamanites pushing grannies under the flying saucer who caused the failure of the Federal Government to bring in the black helicopters for those without contracts with blackwater...

Elvis? Elvis? Elvis doesn't live here no more...

{ in happier news - - a great reading experience! }

GOPUSMEDIA Gone Crazy...

What am I suppose to do with their subject line Stop GOP from Caving On HealthScare Reform - what? The Obamnites have rounded up enough grannys and thrown them under the flying saucer, that there are now not enough GOPers to defeat the dark forces???