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The drieuxster's Happy Land
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Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

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shouldn't they be shooting More?
More children from Dove World Outreach Center sent home for wearing Islam is of the Devil shirts

But in a holy crusade, why are they merely wearing t-shirts to express their hate? Why not follow on thorugh with the true faith that can only come from the barrel of a gun...
and that is a bad thing how?
Bomb suspect, 17, to be tried as an adult

I mean everyone knows that there are gays, and liberals and vampires, Oh MY!

So what exactly is wrong with wanting to kill the enemy in a time of transferring the tax liabilities unto the unborn baby UBU - other than that liberals might not accept the reality that the defendant might well have believed that he was following the super secret orders of the True WarPrezNent!

Do we really want our professional grade killers to be looking over their shoulders at what the whiney liberals might be thinking every time they step out to rescue us from the Threat of IranqIstanian Flying Saucers!!!
when good employees get all LiberalWildAndCrazy!
Scott Horton on the CIA Report

In which the allegation is that senior employees in the CIA opposed the bush program because they were concerned about getting hauled before the world court!


I mean we have to worry when liberals have planted CRAZY PEOPLE in the state security apparatus who no longer have faith that the True WarPrezNit will use his Lazer DeathRayEyes to defeat the Space ALIENS!

Remember PUNKS - Cylons Don't Surf, this is why we will crush the Obamanites and prevent them from pushing Granny Under the Flying Saucer.

Are YOU doing your part?
oh this is also fun to read
An Officer's Experience in Our Christian Military

I mean, why are there any problems. Wasn't Jesus clear enough in the bible that one can only be a Born Again True Beleiver to be a true member of the offficer's class, no matter what those liberal left wing draft dodger social parasites at West Point Said.
Why WE must bong canada
Attack On CO Dem HQ May Not Be What It Seems

Well can there be any doubts that the Obamanites ORDERED the attack on the Democratic HQ in Colorada, as a part of their terrorFrying konspirakii to destory Free White Christian America?

Now that we have proof that anarchists are running loose in america, is there any reason we should not bring FeeDome and the Global Economy to MexiKanukiStanians Everywhere??? Since by defeating the MexiKanukistanians there will be no safe haven for anarchists who are under the mind control of Obamanites!!!

Remember Dude, Cylons Don't Surf!
Obamanites Crushing White Christian Americans Under Their GodlessNeff
Woman 'terrified' after judge ordered her to remove scarf

Yes, yes, yes, we get it, the Evil Liberal Media is pitching this as one more Evil Liberal Persecution of IslamoCryptoZionism, but we all know that is merely Liberal Code Wording for the fact that the Obamanites are rounding up white christian americans to throw them under the flying saucers, along with granny, and the Evil Liberal Media is just in CaHoots with that!

{ how should religious groups establish where their public/private boundaries exist, especially in a time of transferring the UnbornBaby UBU to the fiscal follies.... }
The Shrill One Admits to being out of Shrill
All out of shrill

For some strange reason he is unable to understand people who are just starting to notice that the HORROR of the Obamanite Push Granny Under The Flying Saucers, because the Obamanites in 2007 were a part of the Godless Unbeleivers, and thus are all living on the blood of white christian american teenage virgin cheer leaders, but not like the cute vampire shows.

It's as if he thinks folks would have seen all of these horrors of Obamanation from back in 2000, but Obama wasn't even the head of Satanism Inc. back then. I mean, what's with that?

Clearly this is what happens when dupes of the Evil Liberal Main Stream Media are unwilling to work for Fox News unmasking the Space Alien Konspirakii! And that
Cylon's don't surf, Dude.
just like it says in the bible!

{ why oh why hasn't Fox picked me up to be leader of the Pack? I can even make O'Reilly look mainstream! }
How do you spell Eutopia?
Sarah Palin's Facebook 'Friends' Celebrate Ted Kennedy's Death: "One Less Socialist," "Good Riddens"

Should Sarah be working on helping her WarBuddies[dm] come in off the ledge?

Or is that a part of the core problem here. The ProWarCrowd[dm] remains willing to support any internal security approach to stopping THEM, just so long as it does not require that they follow their rhetoric into the combat zone...
what if this guy became a birther?
The Army is trying to activate me from IRR and send me to Iraq... help? : AskReddit

Hum.... Where have all the ProWarTypes[dm] long time Birthering....

I mean pointing out that the Obamanite is a Space Alien, and therefore not lawfully allowed to be the warMongerInChief...
how does memory really work
To Catch a Criminal, It’s All About Presentation refers to Dallas police pioneering new photo lineup approach - where we learn that the serial presentation of images forces those who are looking to compare the images to their memory, and not to the usual 'six pack'. The traditional police practice of showing six images all at once.


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