August 24th, 2009


typo as Secret Message?

Friends of first lay Jenny Sanford told the "CBS Early Show" Jenny Sanford is aware she is a role model for women dealing with unfaithful husbands.

"She's very grounded in faith and principles," said Sanford friend Marjory Wentworth. "... Everyone has horrible things happen to them. She's showing what happens when you make your decisions on principles."

[ cf Jenny Sanford pals: First lady is a role model ]
Well I guess it is better than being the First MainSqueeze....

They Do It To Spread Capitale Gaines Taxes!

Why Do Women Orgasm? - Scientists are still mystified about the evolutionary advantages of many aspects of women's sexuality.

To Annoy sweet, innocent, naive young men who were studying diligently in the library, minding their own business in the struggle against communism and gay marriages.

It is a bit of an interesting discussion point, since we would need to work out if this mad better sense under the evolutionary path of a genial gene model, or the more traditional CombatCompetitiveNeff, and hence it is all a part of the typical female deceptiveness that they bring to the Hard Battling For Survival that is sexual congress, or I guess we should say Sexual Great Leader On The Big White Charger following the correct implementation of the Unitary Executive Principle, since congress is such a wussy term involving compromise and negotiation! Which of course could not come about from the spencerianist survival of the the fitest!

Britain Still Stabbing Troops In Back By allowing Independent Press

In the Godless Communist Atheistical Stab Our Troops In The Back Press we find: Have Republicans Turned Into a Weird Religious Cult? : The faith-based thinking of many conservatives spreads and contaminates the rational. No wonder so many buy the right-wing's absurd propaganda.

Thus proving that obama as a space alien was born in NorKoSomaliSudaneseKenyanistaMexiKanukistania as a part of the ongoing plot to push granny under the flying saucer!

How LONG will we as white christian americans allow these obvious acts of UnAmericanism to be spewed by Ferrign Devil Regimes in their Godless America Bashing Press!

Proof Obama is Head of Arayan Nation Group

I was SHOCKED! Shocked to learn that the internet has also learned that the horror of electing rich white elitists like Obama, has lead to the obamanation of the head of the True Arayan nation in the white house: Fear Of A Black President.

Thus proving that all of this talk about an alledged black president is just more of the same old racism we have come to expect from the irrational radical left wing defeatist kapitulationist cut and runners who want to stab our troops in the back with their god hating america bashing IslamoCyrptoZionist Push Granny under the flying saucer Socialism!

ZombieLand is not just a Movie, it's a way of life

Krugman: The Public Option and Why the Reagan Zombies Don’t Die hum...

But will the legal fight over 'Skank' blogger talks, sues Google for $15m be able to take up the slack in the daily news cycle about trendy psuedoEvents that are clearly more important than wondering why it is that the representative hates his district so much that he is not willing to support the folks who voted him into office, say as in Jim Cooper: 16% Approval On Health Care Among Democrats

Or is this the part of the discussion where we need to address the coup of 2012, and why we must protect democracy from the threat of the people!

Now more than ever do americans want to stop the Zombies that the Obamanites have brought up from the grave with their voodoo witch doctoring of pushing granny under the flying saucer for the intergalaxtic cat chow industry!

{ the interesting thot experiment is based upon the psuedoEvent construct, what are they, what causes them, and do they really work better as an alternative to ration thot of any form? }

speaking of cost effectiveness...

You Never Xe The Drones Coming offers some interesting questions.

But what if there were a need to prove that 'independent contractors' were actually 'independent' and that they were able to provide the same services to more than one government at a time. You know, like software developer types. Who have to establish that they truly are vendor vendors, and not merely psuedo employees of the corporation that has them on...

So how exactly has XE, the band formerly known as blackwater, been able to establish their independence from being merely fancy government welfare queens? Are they working For Iran? Or India? are they offering fair and balanced services for say France or Russia?

Stop The Socialist Socializing Of Socialism

Officials: Obama to tap FBI to interrogate terrorists So the idea of adopting RED Socialist LawEnforcement to take over a portion of the RED Socialist WarFightingStuff from that segment of the RED Socialist StateSecurityApparatus, is really doing little more than changing the deckchairs on the HMS TitanicOfRedCommunistSocialism!

Clearly americans need to be MORE PANICKED by the horrors of RED Socialist Socialism, than any other form of RED Socialist ScaryStuff! Since this is all a part of the evil liberal media's plot to hide the fact that the Obamanite are Pushing Granny under the Flying Saucer for the InterGalaxtic Space CatFook Kabal!!!

got RED Socialist LiberalMediaKonspirakiiTheory?