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The drieuxster's Happy Land
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Friday, August 21st, 2009

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Same as the Old Dubya
Obama Defies Federal Courts in Holding Yemeni Detainees - Three Courts Have Ordered the Release of Detainees Still Held at Guantanamo Bay

Meet the new boss. Well I guess we all support the Right of the Unitary Executive Principle to ride on the white horse above the horror of mere mortal law for the mere mortals!
go team venture
ACLU Responds to DOJ Investigation of Gitmo Defense Lawyers - it seems that offering a legal defense is criminalish in a time of transferring the tax liabilities unto the unborn baby UBU!

Fortunately this will help solve the immigration crisis - ‘They Want to Kill You; They Want to Kill Me; They Want to Kill Our Families’

Yes folks, this maybe a good time to remember how Sundown town came into usage, as well, as the tragedy of Union Organizers in some of those tragedies.

Or should we just quietly wonder why it is that those coloured folks got themselves into gitmo, bagram, and all of those other places, since if they had not done anything wrong, then of course they would be allowed to live in white suburbs, with the gated communities, and the privatized armed forces to protect them from the uppity ones.
Fox news Persecuting White Chrisitan America
TV Newser: Fox News Forced Glenn Beck To Take Vacation As Advertisers Abandon His Show

What more proof do you need that FoxNews has a seat on the deathPanel, and is pushing Granny under the flying saucers!
Got FruitBatting
Jon Voight: President Obama Is Trying To Start A Civil War In America

Like what is it with these god hating america bashing limo liberals like Jon Voight?

Maybe if their gunNuts were to join organizations that were not GhandiIte peace freaks oppose to using violence....
Bringing The Civilian Community Home From The HomeWarZone
Labor Department: Workplace Suicides Soared 28 Percent in Past Year

What if there were federal programs to help civilians transition from the HomeWarZone to the Peace Time At Home Zone....

Could this be why the GunNutz are from organizations that are opposed to the use of violence, because, well, gosh, the scary HomeWarZone is tough enough as it is.

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