August 20th, 2009


Military continues war against Space Alien Regime

U.S. General: Most Bagram Detainees Should Be Released

Interpretation A - the detainees were there for the performance art of the Dubya era, because viagra just was not doing it for Dubya. ( but that would be crazy talk )

Interpretation B - this general understands that the Obamanite is not really an american, and all of that born in kenya stuff is the cover up of the fact that he is a brainWaveSuckingAlienBeastCreatureFromPlannetZorkenon, and thus the general has come over to the forces of freedom who are fighting the space aliens everywhere and is actually calling for the freedom of all of the freedom fighters who are fighting against the Obamanite.

We provide the options, you can chooose wisely, or stab the troops in the back!

and this is a problem how? No seriously

Reading through our email -- or, okay, in this case, it's more the hate mail -- it's clear that a growing number of base conservatives believe that the Obama White House is collecting their anti-health care reform emails and compiling them in a master White House database to surveil these people, keep tabs on them and so forth.
[ cf Cue the Black Helicopters ]
Now remind me again why the WarPresident should be prevented from collecting information about EnemiesOfTheState who will be recycled into Bio-Fuel to stop the EnemiesOfTheState?

What is the problem with supporting the internal security apparatus to support the internal security apparatus?

Obamanites Crush FeeDome in OK

Oklahoma: state can't require ultrasound before abortion

Well, there is a victory for.... uh, remind me again, which side this Free Marketting Military Victory over the Red Communists Of Oklahoma, and their meddlesome meddling in the majikal marvels of the free market with those godless excess governmental regulation of the free trade in Free Markets!!!

But of course the Godless Liberal Media is not supporting the Troops to support the Holy Crusade against RED Socialized healthCare - no, they want to talk about this in some CrazyTalk Way!

Liberal Media Covers Up Transformer Attackes On America

Russia to Threaten North America with Brand-New Bombers? Think Again

Oh sure, just what a Red Communist Pro-Apace Alien, push granny under the flying saucer, stab our troops in the back Propoganda machine would want americans to believe!

Now I am not saying that all of the Commie Bombers attacking america are Transformers from the Decepticons, who of course put Obama into the White House, but we have to wonder why it is that the Pro-Space Alien Tin Foil Cliques are not willing to show up Obama's Actual Belly Button to prove that he is really an EarthLing who illegally stole the white house on orders from the Decepticons!

Stop THREATENING T-Shirts! as they are scary!

Late Night: Guns Don’t Kill People - Tee Shirts Do!

Ok, so my real crank here is that People are pretending to not be an extension of the internal security apparatus SHOULD be forced to identify themselves as part of STASI when they are engaged in their part of the game.

This way we can tell which are the armed and dangerous, and which are merely more of the internatl security forces who are here to keep us safe from THEM!

{ don't get me wrong here, outing those Arizona gunNuts as puppet toadies of the Evil Monolithic Obamanite Crush Freedom Campaign, is, well, just a public service - so that folks do not wind up like the previous arizona militia groups who are doing FED time because some STASI agent rolled over and became state's evidence... }